Server Not going public.

  • i Have literally done everything that i can to make this server go public, i have the routes forwarded correctly, i have turned off my firewall to see if that was the issue (it wasnt) ive tried different ports and yes its enabled as public through the server network config. everything seems to be working correctly except for the fact that it wont go public.
    i have plenty of experience hosting server so its not like this is my first time.

    if you guys have any advice i would love to hear it. <-- port forwarding. super easy stuff. using Minecraft server ports <-- Server Program. just to show its public as true and ports are correct for my port forwarding

    ive rebooted my server and router aswell as computer multiple times.

  • Howdy! You might need some more testing. I created a guide here , on the end of it there is a troubleshoot section i want you to look at and work trough and tell me at what point you are getting an issue. Also did you remember to open the windows firewall?

  • Quick question about that DS-Lite tunnel thing, ive never herd of it before so in order to diagnose this i must ask: does the ds_lite tunnel specifically block this server, some servers or all servers from being broadcasted from your ip.

  • I never heard of that before, and its not easy to check. You might find settings in your routers or your isp forces ds-lite on your modem. But its causing issues by forcing you as far as i understand it to share 1 ip with several other houses. So no direct connection will work .Many games use a server that redirects them and that has constant contact with a lead server so its ok on those connections but hosting thinks like a web page is impossible because of that . and it will cause also issues for eco

  • this is the kicker though... i host servers regularly from my current ip and computer. i host minecraft, ark survival, teamspeak, unturned and really whatever my group wants to play that i can host a server for. so i do have decent experience with setting up and overall hosting. is there anything beyond the firewall (because i turned it off to test this server) or the router (because im experienced here) or ds-list that would stop this server from functioning?

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