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  • I would love to have an indicator for where you are aiming, a simple dot would suffice. This would help with precision work as well as aiming with the bow. The background on skillbooks should change depending on wherether you know it or not, red for 'no' and green for 'yes'.

  • Also, when putting down a block, it would be helpful if the game could highlight where the block would be placed.

  • The bow is getting a crosshair for sure. The crosshair (at least the texture) was added a few days ago to the dev build so it seems pretty likely it'll be in the next update.

    A "ghost" block of whatever you're about to place similar to that of crafting tables is something we're looking to add to block placement.

    As for skillbooks, that's a good idea. We're considering reworking skillbooks in general soon (tm) so any UI/UX changes in that regard would take place after that.

  • I'm for the aiming dot as well (toggle in settings maybe) although I'm surprised at my accuracy without it :D

    I like that the skills window shows what players have what skill (and level for each person) but there should be imo, an indicator in the research table like that you're suggesting (red for personal unlearned books, green for learned, etc).

    Another addition could be: "requires advance culinary techniques" in the recipe list, and have the skill book source from where you would get that skill (Ie: advanced .. needs Cooking Skill)
    While it can be figured out over a short time, it can be confusing as to what skill book opens what components within that book.
    I hope I wasn't confusing :)

  • @Igknighted said:

    I'm for the aiming dot as well (toggle in settings maybe) although I'm surprised at my accuracy without it :D

    I was also kinda surprised at how intuitive it becomes with a little practice. On the last hunting trip I went out with 24 arrows and came back with 7 rabbits. And my bow is upside-down! I just wish I could climb as easily as they do. I think I only got good at killing them so I wouldn't have to chase them. ;)

  • I really like the idea of an aiming dot, which would help when building above my head/etc. If possible, it would be great to have an option to enable or disable the aiming dot, as well as enable or disable the mentioned ghost blocks while building, for the sake of giving more customization control to the UI for users.

    I do get really excited when I take a shot at something pretty far away and down it without the use of an aiming dot. Almost like a sense of skill / reward from being able to learn to use the bow that accurately.

  • I think I would almost prefer the ability to hold right click and aim down the line of the arrow to you give you the correct left/right movement needs to get close to the animal.

    But the inclusion of a cross hair would negate the affect of this, so it is up to the Devs :P

  • Since the placement thing was brought up, its currently in our staging build. If you're in discord you may have already seen this:

  • Hey, that looks perfect. Thanks for sharing it!

    I also agree that aiming down the bow, or being able even to add some sort of scope to the bow, would be great! No cross hair built into the gui, rather built into the weapon instead!
    And the wire frame crafting will help remove the need for a cross hair or aiming dot too.

  • I threw in a simple crosshair to test, and it only revealed that the bow is actually shooting a bit offcenter to the right (arguably made hunting worse than having no crosshair) - so will have to fix that a bit more before a proper crosshair gets added.

  • I personally think adding a crosshair will degrade the experience. The less challenging you make the game the more players will become bored with it.

    If players can't hunt then they can choose a different skill and just trade for their food. The more missed shots by hunters the better...because they are burning calories. Skilled hunters will be successful others won't.. Putting a crosshair on the bow will make every single person an expert marksman. There won't be no challenge of hunting whatsoever.

    Please don't nerf this game with visual aids. It works fine the way it is.

    Just Add a scope or something.....but please no crosshairs

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