Skill point gain idea

  • If we have modules affecting the workbenches, can we make modules affecting player (in this case, skill point gain)

    Player can eat stuff for 100% value both in calories and skill points anywhere.

    Lets say we have a player eating in a furnished house where furniture affects also player.
    So eating in such places will affect player like:

    chair - increase skill point gain (2/4/6/8/10 flat amount)
    table - increase calorie gain by (2/4/6/8/10 %)
    bed - increase skill point gain (1/2/3/4/5 %)
    window - increase balance multiplier (0,05/0,1)

    another player - skill point gain overall increase by additional (1%)

    Is it possible? What do You think?

  • Makes no sense whatsoever....The skill points are gained by maintaining a healthy balance of the food groups... in not sure how eating a nutritional meal sitting in a chair or sitting on a rock...would make any difference in its nutritional value.

  • At long last - a healthy answer!

  • I was considering a post like this myself and I like where you are going but not the idea of flat skill gain. I love the ability for the game to track rooms and want to see that further developed to the point you can detect all the rooms connected to a house say 1 workshop 1 bedroom 1 bathroom. Each room would be of diffrent qualities depending on say bathroom has running water, bedroom has bed, workshop has lighting.

    The reason I want this is I feel this game needs an exponentially increasing cost of more advanced technology. This would mean that you would need an exponentially increasing skill gain to keep up with costs as right now skill gain increase is a bit linear. This means that playershe would need additional multipliers to keep up. Good food for a strong base skill gain, balanced diet gives x2 gain, good shelter from elements via bedroom in house up to 2x, proper health and sanitation from bathroom 2x, education from public facilities 2x.

    The reason for this is I feel skill gain is a linchpin to the games economy but it's far to dependent on cooks. Spread out skill gain so people with other skill sets can contribute to the overall skill gain. It will also put additional strain on the ECO to gather these things forcing more cooperation by say outlawing that bed that gives an extra 1.1x skill boost for bedrooms but costs a 100 wolf pelts to make.

  • We do have some ideas related to player's housing and giving an actual reason to construct your own personal residence beyond 'its fun'.

    Food is currently a bit too vital to the economy currently, however the goal isn't to reduce the necessity of it; we'd much rather give all the other professions/jobs equally important roles.

  • I love hearing that and was very impressed with room detection as it is now with ability to create room modifiers by adding diffrent things to them.

    And I agree again we need to diversify from food though I wouldn't invest much time into a perfect balance it's always been a bit of a red Haring as its so hard to get perfect. Besides I believe people will go to extreme lengths to milk every point they can out of skill buffs anyway so even vague skill trees that offer a 1.01 x buff will get used eventually.

    One thing I want to see along that thought is intentionally super expensive buffs. I want to see people tempted to get one more perk at an extreme cost to the ecosystem like a food delicacy that is wasteful, costs 100s of plants and gives massive buff to whoever goes for it. It will tempt players to take more than they need for personal gain at the cost of the common resource as now there are a 100 ok meals that could of been made to feed the whole server without driving buffalo extinct

  • My only complaint with the skill system is that it rewards inactive players and punishes you for playing the game. It's far better to log in once a day, eat a food combo and log out instead of actually doing anything in-game. I am sure you would want to reward players for putting more time into the game somehow, that would only make sense. Actually spending your calories should reward more skill points than when they are fading away slowly. What is your opinion on that ? Would love to see an answer.

  • @Salamaki If you look at the previous replies this have already been addressed

  • @Astranoth Not exactly, people here are talking about improving skill points by creating better environments, that is not what I am saying. That would still benefit people who will eat 1 food combo and stay afk inside that room.

  • they should nerf skillgain whilst logged out and do an inactivity check every 30 mins or so, that way inactive players still gain skill points but at a reduced rate. Ive seen entire servers with no more than 1 or 2 people online at a time.

  • Yes, but don't punish people for not having time to play by making the grind even worse. Instead reward people who are doing stuff by increasing their skill/day even higher than the cap that we have right now.

  • reducing the skill gain for inactive by 10% is exactly the same as increasing it by 10% for the active players....

  • No it's not. That way you reduce the global average skill/day on everybody, even the active people who will eventually have to do something else other than play the game. The other way around, nobody's skill/day gets reduced, and only those people who play more get rewarded for it.

  • A better way to reward players with active skill points is give them vocational skill points for completing crafts/actions within that tree's focus. Ie. Chopping trees give you survival skill points. Then keep the system as is for general skill points and research. We can then slow down the general skill point gain overall and allow people to play to keep the same pace that we're at now.

  • Do what world of warcraft does. You gain 0 skills while offline but you gain the rested perk. For every minute online you get double skill till the perk is exausted.

  • @craig.jong perhaps you could incorporate the residence... into the election/political part. (Housing design, furniture..etc..)

    I think its reasonable that a politicians home would be a reflection of his character. You could have it to where the greater his home is and the more rooms he or minus the type and amount of furniture he has in each room.. gives a certain value...

    That value could be used to determine the level of political power you can obtain.

    Lvl 0 Uncivilized person.
    Ability: None
    Prerequisite: None
    Lvl1 Civilized person.
    Ability: Able to vote in elections.
    Prerequisite: Ownership of land, Bedroom etc..
    Lvl2 Representative.
    Ability: Able to vote in elections and laws.
    Prerequisite: Larger bedrooms better quality furniture...etc TBD by developers
    Lvl3 Senior Rep.
    Ability: Can be elected.
    Prerequisite TBD by developers
    Lvl4 Congress.
    Ability: Can propose Laws, voting,
    Prerequisite: Position can only be obtained by player election.
    Lvl5 Player chooses the title
    Ability: TBD by developers
    Prerequisite: TBD by developers.

    This is just an example...the developers can modify the names abilities and prerequisites but the focus should on the concept.

    This would definitely be a logical way of rewarding players for expanding and utilizing any content the developers may create (furniture, residential items) for the players housing.

  • @Salamaki i like this concept, because realistically you are always learning on the job, like tradies when they start as apprentices and the more time they spend on the job, they learn better techniques and efficiency when performing tasks

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