Anyone found gold yet?

  • Hey anyone find gold ore yet? I need it to progress, but can't seem to find any...

    I can find copper and iron all over the surface and lots underground, the underground isn't very deep though, I've travelled all over but am at a loss, keep mining all the copper If find hoping it's gold...

  • its very rare .. but should be there found some on the RC build that was one of the last one before this one ...

  • Better occur in massive veins then because I've mined up a few hundred iron and copper and hundreds of stone trying to find some and haven't found a single one, and need at least 5 to continue progressing..

  • I've only found a single cube of it, but I haven't dug very far down yet. What I found was in the side of a mountain exposed.

  • I wish I could find one so I even knew what I was looking for ... I need 5 and I've now carved out thousands of stone, several hundred of each metal, and nothing...

  • gold!.png I think it's safe to say it spawns largely

  • Try looking for it higher up in mountainous areas. I've found veins with over 100 gold blocks in each of them in mountainous areas.

  • Gold spawns more at high altitudes i have found. I have never had difficulty finding it.

    I have read many people thinking ore spawns like minecraft with rarer ores deep so they dig deep to look for it... this is not minecraft and people should not expect the same rules to follow. in this case the opposite is actually true.

  • I found 219 in one area on the surface. The gold seems to be rare as in not spawning in many places, but a metric crap ton where it does.

  • Contrary to what everyone else has found, I have found only one vein, at 0-4 world height, of 100+ gold ore blocks. Haven't found it anywhere else. I think it's entirely random the height the veins spawn at.

  • I just found all the gold my world says it has in the server window. 1397 or some such...I mined it...all of it...there's like...14 or something pieces somewhere else in the world, the rest was all in one spot, that's bad if you don't want someone hoarding an entire worlds progress...

    I agree with you Tarahu, which belies geology, since higher mass materials should be lower down in the crust.

  • The way gold currently spawns can break the game. If one person finds all the gold and hoards it or never logs in again, there's no way the world can progress. I think gold should spawn in very small veins all over the place, with the same total amount. This way it's still rare and valuable, but doesn't lend itself to the same type of resource shortage issues.

  • @JohnK is this a potential issue John? If all the gold spawns in one area or very few areas and a player takes it all, it could prevent progression for the rest of the server?

  • @Plaztikman It might actually be intended, given the nature of the game, where we pretty much run it our selves, and play it our way. I had originally thought the world was procedural but upon closer inspection I see it's finite.

  • @Plaztikman This is a team play game. If one person hordes it and doesn't share it. ATM it can just be taken. Tho once the Criminal system is there will action be able to be taken on greedy hoarders?

  • @Plaztikman I agree that that is an issue. However, the bigger issue is...
    How would you know that someone captured it all unless they bragged about it?
    If they never told anyone and never put it for sale in a market then how would anyone find out? @JohnK Do you think that this could be a rule in the future that seriously finite resources that are used for high technology can be government controlled so that the planet can be saved no matter who mines it. Maybe a 90% tax on precious minerals or other materials that are game over without them .?

  • I did some modding and was able to make larger amounts of ores spawn in the world. So that is a way to get more gold

    The post is

  • I also found gold mainly just in one massive vein that seemed to go on forever; it seems you're lucky if your world's main gold vein happens to be exposed to the surface, rather than buried underground somewhere. It does seem a little unbalanced if it's all in one place, though, making gold either abundant or completely nonexistent; multiple smaller veins seems more appropriate to the intention for the material.

  • I think we will just have to wait and see, I think a lot of us are comparing our findings with minecraft, maybe on this game, 100 chunks of gold is equivalent to maybe 10 on minecraft

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