A few questions.

  • Hi guys and girls. Me and my friends have been playing this game and enjoyed it mostly. But here is a few things that have come to mind.

    From the server side, Can we change the tick rate of with we gain skillpoints? I know that some foods and such increase it, but i'm talking 2x-3x.. Can it be done?
    (and with that said, can server admin add skills to other players then him self?)

    I really haven't dived into the skill trees, but is there one that allows us to carry more then 1 ore/dirt/stone?

    If more comes to mind, ill maybe update the thread.

  • You can get around the 1dirt thingy by dropping a chest where your mining and put the dirt in there.
    Then when you mined 10 dirt or so you can then drag 10 dirt onto your shovel from the gui and carry 10 home :)

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