Days survived?

  • Just curious how many days other people have survived for and can you live past the meteorite? :D

  • Hi, MrBradboi, I've personally survived 7 days total, that was me and a buddy on a local server. Then I played on a server that had gone 60 days, things looked, different to say the least, most everything was dead so far as animals went. I have not seen the meteorite strike.

    How long have you been playing?

  • @ChillBilly Hi Billy, me and my pal have been playing for 5 days so far, we've just built a cart to move all our dirt ect, just trying to get the motorized one unlocked but take time getting the materials to build for the books to learn the skill haha, best of luck surviving hope we get to 60 days as we built loads :)

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