I am planning on building a testing server.

  • I host servers as a side job, and I have been testing ECO over the past few days. I was wondering if there may be any interest of new and old players here without a server to call home to perhaps put together a testing community.

    The purpose of the server would be to play of course, and to test bugs and regularly report them. Having said that I would be working the back end with server backups and perhaps mods permitted by the devs of course.

    I would like to gauge a level of interest before doing this as I will not be taking donations, it would be based from popularity alone.

    If you'd like to see it or want to help out leave a like and comment.

  • I am looking for a server to start fresh on when 5.4 is released for bug-testing. Normally I choose the SLG server due to decent ping and pop, but I might consider your server.

    I'd also like to note that @bacon is an active server host, as is @Statler and others on the Steplife server.

  • I actually played on Bacon last night. I think.. I at least remember seeing the server. It had a little bit too high of a ping for me though. I then played on Wolf something. Everyone was super nice there. I think with my resources and everything it shouldn't be hard to put a community together with a few servers if not just one.

  • The community is small, so I prefer consolidation over yet another server, but would love the chance to start new.

    Make sure you're in Discord when 5.4 hits and we'll figure out what to do!

  • Hey new here, I'm looking for a server to join up with too. Currently I'm doing a "singleplayer" experience by using a 2nd machine of mine as the server and I'm defiantly feeling the grind right now. If you'll have me you can sign me up for any server you got going

  • Hey @Th3N3rd Welcome to the community. There are a lot of great ones to play on. May I ask what your time zone is?

  • US Central Time. I've seen a few low ping ones in the server browser and thought next I played I'd check one of them out. Been a little busy so haven't played since the last message I sent

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