A few observations (In Server and out)

  • I did a quick scan through the bugs as to not duplicate a post, but here are some bugs/glitches I have noticed.

    1. Splitting stacks by shift clicking stacks gives the slider, but when pressing okay, it doesn't do anything (Cancel is the only button that works)
    2. When joining a server that is locked but not labeled as being locked or whitelisted, the browser disappears forcing you to alt-f4.
    3. I will try to get a screenshot the next time it happens, When running to a non-yet loaded area, animals appear floating in distance and you can see under the map when turning back.
    4. You can access boxes and other things such as work benches and kilns through glass/walls.
    5. Carts do not seem to want to go down dirt ramps.
    6. Shooting elk and bison sometimes launches them into the air, or over cliffs.
    7. Hit boxes for boxes and blocks are very hokey. You have to be close or far, and sometimes even directly on top of a block/box/table to access it or hit it.

    I will look for more, the devs are doing an outstanding job. Can't wait to see more.

    My Rig:

    32G Ram
    2 SLI Titan X
    1G SSD

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