Trains, small boats and planer.

  • Are these becoming a thing in the future? Maybe another skill for aerodynamics?

  • Boats seems like almost a sure thing at this point, though I wouldn't say they'll be in super soon. The ocean is currently getting a pass from an art/ecosystem perspective, and then after that we'd like to add boats and fishing.

    Trains/planes are something for the far future; we've certainly thought about it but it isn't something we're currently actively working towards.

  • Airships could be a viable alternative for transporting raw materials long distances without building roads.
    Also, minecarts would be awesome.

  • @robo336 Why not steam locomotive istead of minecarts? I Think trains would fit the theme more with the steam Engines?

  • Why not both Trains and minecarts?

    They both are tracked vehicles, so would use the same physics. Minecart could be low tech, with more limited carrying capacity. Train would be higher tech, more capacity, but uses fuel.

  • @Aether True that!

  • There was something about modular vehicles in the concept art.
    What about:

    Wheel types:

    • wood wheel: slow on all terrain.
    • rubber tires: faster, better suspension
    • rail wheel: high load capacity but only works on rails.


    • handle: cart is pushed or pulled.
    • steam: runs on flammable solids (wood, coal, ect.)
    • combustion: runs on flammable liquids (gasoline, alcohol)
    • electric: runs on battery power

  • There is a official Video with Minecart Tracks already.

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