Question about MACBOOK

  • Hello ECO. I just found this great and genius game and i WANT IT! But i have a macbook pro mid 2012. My specs are

    I5 Intel core 2,5ghz
    16 GB ram
    Intel graphics 4000 1536mb.

    Would i be able to run the game, and does the game even support mac?

  • There is a MAC version of the client available.
    Your specs seem sufficient. I'm not sure what settings, but you should be able to run client. Server is currently x86 only though, so you'll have to connect to someone's online server to play, unless you have a Windows machine in local network you want to try running server on.

  • Disclaimer: I have never run the MAC version of client, so I do not know if there are any MAC specific issues with that version.

  • I will warn that currently in 5.3 the Mac side seems to have some issues not present on the Windows side. For instance, my tools and held items currently appear upside down onscreen. They still work just fine, but seeing the shovel come down from above and hold the dirt magically inverted is a little unnerving, lol.

    I'm sure this will be fixed of course, but just a bit of a heads up for the moment.

  • Your pc specs are just within the minimum system requirements so you should be able to run Eco fine under lower settings. There are some performance issues that we are still working on + final optimization a bit later after all core systems are in place. Also there are some macs still having major graphic issues from time to time sadly. We working on resolving them but since several of our own macbooks often dont show these issues we would love to get some help from people having these issues, like unity logs and some patience in resolving these issues. one of our primary goals is to support mac's.

    So i hope that helps your decision =)

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