Questions about Developer Access upgrade

  • Hello.

    I'm seriously considering upgrading my account to the developer access level. Before I do this however, I'd like to know exactly what this will mean besides the obvious x4 copies etc.

    Ever since I heard about this game I've been keeping a close eye on it. A reactive ecosystem based game is a concept I've toyed with for a number of years. I'd love to be able to contribute ideas and suggestions for this game, problem is I know nothing really about coding and my artistic talents are limited to certain programs. As someone actively studying an environmental degree and looking at making a career out of developing educational media I do have a lot of ideas and thoughts to share.

    I suppose my question would be if there is really much difference between submitting ideas via the general public forum or doing so via the developer forums? I'm also a bit concerned that as ECO is coming out of Alpha that there won't be much creative room left through BETA onward.

    I'm still probably going to upgrade just because I fully support this game and it'd be neat to have an insider perspective on its development, but any insight as to the above would be appreciated.

    Cheers :)

  • I just went full bore for it.... and am almost considering getting ANOTHER set of 4 keys...

  • @robertharju How have you found the Developer Access side of it?

  • Satisfying. I can see what they are discussing, and thinking... which keeps me playing ;).

  • Well you get access to ther slack and ther github so you can see ther been realy bussy working on next patch.
    If i was not able to see ther github last release was Alpha5 and without the github/slack access i would not be able to see just how bussy they are working on fixing bugs and adding new stuff and exactly what ther working on.
    So for me it helps keeping my mind at peace seeing they are working on the game still and ther getting alot done for next patch.
    Also one of my intrests was getting into modding and been able to check on the actual source code of the game from time to time is realy usefull.

    As for posting ideas i dont think it makes much diffrance if you do it as a non dev access account... if your idea is good it will get upvoted here on the forum by other users and get alot of attension that way and from what i seen the SLG staffers even read topics with 0 upvotes so they do take ther time to check on everyones feedback and ideas.

  • Howdy! unless you want to help out with development or like to do mods the Dev tier is not really useful for you at this stage . If you like to check out slack and see how much work is getting done like @tbbw82 the 4 pack should be sufficient for you ( since that also gives access to slack) The dev Tier gives you access to the source code of eco. I really want to be honest here and dont make you buy something you don't need. Some people like me did buy the dev tier package because its cool to have =P though i my self have set some tiny marks on the code back when i only was a backer of eco =)

  • Hey @NoBlackThunder , also curious about dev access. I've got some friends I'd like to introduce the game to, so the 4 pack makes sense, but I'm a software dev by day and gamer + game dev by night with a reasonable amount of experience in Unity, and could probably lend a hand here and there. What kind of things would non-core devs be able to help out with?


  • Almost what ever you want. You just need to ask eric if someone is working on that or not .. As an example we had chronos helping out with some initial performance fixes for the minimap .. fixed all minimap issues for me but that still needs more work since i hear several users still having issues

  • @NoBlackThunder Awesome, thanks! Very tempting. Any kind of software requirements?

  • SVN Client, Git client with LFS support , Visual studio , and unity

  • @NoBlackThunder Perfect. Is there any requirement around what type of Unity license is used?

  • you can use the free licens to build the client ( i think beside it says its done with the free version and you cant change themes , nothing has been removed)

  • Though one thing that gave me some trouble .. You need to know how to do forks and update them via the command line to make a fork that you can keep up to date and upload your pull request ( something that gave me trouble)

  • @NoBlackThunder Makes sense. We use git (albeit using GitLab and GOGS rather than github) pretty extensively in my office, so I should be able to get up to speed (in theory - I'm sure I'll be eating those words if/when I get further into things). I'm thinking it would be something like setting the fork's upstream to point to the main upstream and making sure to pull with rebase into your local fork to stay up to sync? That's similar to how we manage feature branches while someone is making merges into our master branch. How many devs at large are working on things?

  • not many , around 5-6 devs working on the game right now + another Dev tier backer that has put allot of work recently into the game already

  • @NoBlackThunder Hey that's not a bad size at all (I'm the lead of a team of 3 including me, so I understand). At least the git history should be pretty clean! Thanks again for the info - much appreciated!

  • @NoBlackThunder Perfect! Thanks kindly!

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