Invalid username or password.

  • Everytime whenever i try to log in in the game launcher it says ''Invalid username or password'' altough i am pretty sure that i use the right username and password. They website login and forum login are both working for me. I have reinstalled the file and changed my password multiple times, Can anyone please help me ?

  • Use your username listed in your account page as username in the game.
    Enter the username ExAcTLy as it's written on the webpage.

  • I did but it keeps telling me it´s the wrong username or password.

  • do you have any form for special characters in your username or password? thinks like £$€ can sometimes cause issues

  • NoBlackThunder.

    Laurens is a friend of mine, he hasn't got any special characters in his password.
    Because I told him not to do so when I stumbled on a forum post about that.

    We were pretty much looking for something to fix the problem but found nothing.

    Even Pw changing and using the E-mail as username didn't help him either,

    Let me know if there might be something else in this post because he is away until the weekend.

    My regards,


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