Max Cart Load and Road types?

  • What determines how much a cart can hold, like how many logs, or how many stone? Is it the type of road/ground the cart is on - can you carry more wood in a cart on a stone road then on dirt? Or the type of load (like the cart can carry more stone then dirt etc on a stone road then a dirt one)? What do stone roads do for you over dirt ones? Can logs be used for roads?

  • It's the weight of the items that determins how much a cart can hold.
    And the road does not change how much it can "carry" just how fast you can go :)

  • What is the point of roads then? Just the arbitrary that that is what carts need to run on?

  • You can travel faster from A->B.
    It's usefull if you and a friend got two houses and you make a road between them so you can move materials between the two faster for trading and such.
    I have seen public servers with a very impressive road system between the houses almost like a highway :)

  • Also, if you attempt to take a cart offroading and hit a pothole, may the Flying Spaghetti Monster have mercy on your soul. Sometimes the cart buries itself in the ground permanently, sometimes it will float up into the air, and sometimes it catapults into the sky and may or may not take you with it when it goes. Roads seems to significantly mitigate these occurrences.

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