Auto strafing left bug

  • For some reason i have this bug that i auto strafe/walk to the left.
    First i thought it had to do with a program i have for my joystick to make my joystick smoother (joycurves).
    But even after deleting and disabling the program i still had the problem.
    This makes the game kind of unplayable since i can't stand still.
    Anyone know a fix?

  • While the issue is happening, have you tried unplugging your keyboard to see if it stops?

  • Unplug all controllers and ruders / pedals. Thats a typical Unity issue and is extremely complicated to resolve and would take a large portion of the development time. Unity registers sadly every joystick import, if you just touch you joystick controls it will just start taking that input . Uninstalling your 3rd party joystick program is not disabling your joystick input . and depended on your joystick quality the axis value might not be 100% stable

  • Yeah... had a simular issue with another game using unity and it was my xbox 360 controller i still had plugged in.

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