PAX build and general update

  • Hey all, just wanted to update everyone on our progress getting everything setup, we havent been able to commit as much time as we want to it yet because we're slammed getting ready for PAX this weekend. Following this weekend it will be my priority to get the slack channel setup, project planning, bug reporting, and open source, and seeking assistance from the community here for doing so. So, your patience is much appreciated! Will be able to move a lot faster after this week. Cheers.

  • Thanks for spending the time you have been despite being slammed with PAX. Your answers have been extreamly informative @JohnK :)

  • Don't forget to send pictures! :D

  • Yes take pictures please. :D

  • Very intrigued as to how the PAX experiment pans out. I personally would like to see the ecosystem fail but more than likely it will be due to the meteor strike. Also, would have been immense of it could have been live streamed for us to watch and potentially generate further interested backers.
    Good luck to the team, as well as those lucky enough to try it out.

  • Did you know when you may be featured this weekend? I was just over at Gamespot looking up the schedule but i didn't see anything xD I know i'll be on the PAX Youtube stream looking forward to catching ya sometime.

  • You can only move forward with PAX. If you take your A-game out there and things go well, you'll only win more support. If something goes wrong, no one who has already committed to supporting you will believe in the project any less.

  • I'm hoping that Eco will be in the PAX Rising Indie Dev Showcase on twitch's PAX stream tonight (8pm PST). Got my fingers crossed at least.

  • PAX coverage has started streaming

  • Had a great show! But damn that's exhausting. Got a lot of people buying dev tiers right at the booth which was unexpected and awesome, so welcome to all our new pax-found friends here. People were really into the game, the premise got a lot of people instantly excited. And there was a good number of people who came across the hall because they saw our stats system with graphs and laws and knew the game was for them. Hopefully we'll see a bump in our Kickstarter from it. Had a ton of people bringing back friends and explaining the game to them, great to watch that word of mouth in action.

    Posted some pictures on our Facebook here:

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