Cart fell through the world v5.3

  • So my cart fell through the world while in a tunnel, I can unfortunately confirm this works repeatedly as my brand new replacement cart then repeated this, both where powered.

    I am still on the cart

    Screenshot 2017-01-19 20.16.20.jpg Screenshot 2017-01-19 20.08.56.jpg

  • Howdy! cart issues are very well known right now

  • I was once out for a walk and saw a rabbit.
    Figured the lil rabbit was cute so i walked closer to it.
    Turns out the rabbit got so scared it ran off and bumped into my cart as it was trying to get away wich then sent my cart flying realy high and crashed ontop of my roof of my two story building.
    After a change of shirt since i spilled some coffee on my shirt when my jaw dropped seeing that cart doing a full 360 to land wheels down on my roof i need to figure out how to get the damn thing down without getting a "bonus" deed for breaking it... wish me luck econouths!

  • I have a hilarious video from last night's game-play. It's about 2 hours long, of my buddies and I recovering two carts. It was a very tedious task but, we had to terra-form A LOT of space. If video is OK to be posted to YouTube, I would gladly upload it.

  • You could send the video to me in a pm if it's a lol factor kind of video, i dont mind having some fun :)

  • Oh man. We were having an uproarious time. The video file is rather massive. My gaming PC has 4TBof game/video drive space on 10k 'Cudas. :D

  • Force.jpg

  • LOL @tbbw82 !

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