Electrical Grid Proposal

  • The Concept
    A power grid in which players link power nodes with cables in order to transfer energy from one place to another. A good example of design would be the Immersive Engineering mod for Minecraft or the Fallout 4 power system. The benefits of this system would be enriched immersion and an introduction to the basic concepts of electronics for students.

    Items Added

    • Conductive Plate
    • Insulator
    • Capacitor
    • Transistor
    • Resistor
    • Diode
    • Conductive Coil
    • Power Supply
    • Battery

    Entities Added

    • Transformer
    • Cable(s)
    • Fuse Box
    • Energy Storage Unit (ESU)
    • Voltmeter


    • Gold Ingot (x1) = Diode (x2)
    • Copper Ingot (x1) = Transistor (x2)
    • Iron Ingot (x1) = Resistor (x2)
    • Circuit (x1) + Gold Ingot (x1) = Conductive Plate (x2)
    • Tallow (x1) + Wooden Board (x1) = Insulator (x1)
    • Copper Ingot (x1) = Conductive Coil (x4)
    • Conductive Plate (x2) + Insulator (x1) = Capacitor (x1)
    • Capacitor (x1) + Transistor (x1) + Resistor (x1) + Diode (x1) + Circuit (x1) = Voltage Regulator (x1)
    • Voltage Regulator (x1) + Capacitor (x4) + Diode (x4) + Conductive Coil (x1) + Circuit (x1) = Power Supply (x1)
    • Power Supply (x1) + Conductive Coil (x1) + Circuit (x2) + Battery (x1) = Transformer (x1)
    • Copper Bar (x1) + Circuit (x1) + Conductive Coil (x1) = Battery (x1)
    • Battery (x5) + Circuit (x2) + Conductive Coil (x2) + Iron Ingot (x4) = Fuse Box (x1)
    • Battery (x5) + Conductive Coil (x10) + Circuit (x2) + Transformer (x1) + Power Supply (x1) = Energy Storage Unit
    • Conductive Coil (x2) + Tallow (x5) = Cable (x2)
    • Circuit (x1) + Conductive Coil (x1) + Voltage Regulator (x1) + Iron Ingot (x2) = Voltmeter

    The Gameplay
    The basic premise would be to build a Transformer and connect it to any power generating entity. Then, using Cables, you would connect the Transformer to a Fuse Box located on any building that you wish to power. As power would dissipate over the length of a cable network, additional Transformers can be used to extend the reach of the grid. The cable network can be hooked up to an ESU in order to store power, but this must then be fed back out into another Transformer before connecting to a Fuse Box. The Voltmeter tool can be used to test the current within a cable network and also the storage within an ESU.

    Final Notes
    Please note that I really don't have any experience with electronics and everything I have come up with above is the result of some brief Google searching. Adjustments to crafting recipes should be made to improve upon realism and / or viability. You could even go down the mad scientist route of building super-conductor rods to harvest energy from lightning. I saw a suggestion somewhere about implementing a complete weather system with storms and seasons that could play in well with this. The same suggestion also proposed a tidal system which I think would be very very cool and could open up Hydro electric / Wave Power potential.