Workbench problems, need serious help

  • Hello everyone, i'll try to stay short here.
    Bought a game some days ago, tried it few hours in a new world, place workbench in my base, put the other one into my chest.
    After sometime i had to logout, the day after, logged into the same server to find out the meteor striked and wiped my previous world.
    Now my charachter lost 2 workbench, the (in)famous research table, and my precious landclaimer objects!
    I seriuosly need to know how to craft a workbench when i already lost my first 2 with the meteor..
    i was supposed to logout with my workbench into the bacnkpack? is there a "crafting button" that i missed?

    as the game is now i can't do anything except chop wood... any help?

  • Reset your server, just download and unzip it again.
    Or delete the file.
    Normally Meteor should strike after 30 days, so maybe another problem led to the server wipe.

    You can turn of meteor in Server settings.
    You can add your self as admin in the server options -> user tab.
    Then you can use this command: /give SearchAndSelectItem
    To get a new workbench.

    The game offers much much more than just wood-chopping, but it's focused on multiplayer, so you should search the server browser and find a server with some players on it.

  • Yes yes i'm aware that is a huge game, i was only saying that without my workbench i was blocked 😀
    Anyway i will try some of your solutions,thank you!

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