Idea! Voice chat

  • in the game you need to work together, and it is much easier if you can use youre own voice ;D
    simple idea :P

  • While I find that most people just turn to using Discord, Teamspeak or other similar third-party programs, I still think this is a viable idea. There is a game called 'The Forest' in which players each have portable radios that can be used to communicate with each other as an in-game voice chat feature. I just finished posting up about a proposal for an electrical grid network and I could see this tying in with that idea by using the network to set up telephone lines and assign each player a phone number. You could even conference call multiple numbers. It could also tie in well with progression as you could eventually build reception towers and carry mobile phones about with you, rather than relying on a stationary telephone system.

    This would work really well in educational situations where gameplay is controlled and monitored, but probably not so much in casual play as people would probably just use a third party program for voice chat.

  • Yes, that is cool! And in close range you can use youre own voice. But in a bigger range you need to have a cellphone and maby a sattelite

  • For when electricity is available, Radio towers.

  • Yes! And for end game a sattelite! Cooool

  • Yeah... coz then we would not have a bunch of people running around rickrolling everyone on the server :P

  • Haha true

  • @tbbw82 But..... if no one ever builds us up... how will we know if anyone was ever leeeeettttt dooowwwwwn?

  • Not :3

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