/spawnbuilding Bug

  • /spawnbuilding 5,10,4,10,1,1 (example give you building) when you do this puts you in the ground sometimes fall in map some time dont .

    need to adjust it.so your on top of land also maybe you should make a outline of the building so we know were it is going to be place and should do the same with /level making out line. were it is clearing.

  • To add to this, the spawnbuilding dimension parameters are actually ordered as x,z,y , whereas they should be x,y,z as the /help command displays.

  • Spawn Building is also a dev command =) so not meant to be used by players .. I Updated recently the Wiki with all known commands , even dev commands in case some one wanted to try them out. That's why also many of them are missing descriptions ;)

  • Spawnbuilding is marked as Admin Command and not as Dev Command

  • The OP was from a year ago. It's very likely things have changed since then. ;)

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