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    There's lot of info in the Wiki, plus the prerequisite files in the repo.

    Feel free to post questions/idea/suggestions here.

  • Hi nfuller,

    one question. I am looking through the blueprints and just can't figure out from your tutorials and the already available scripts on how to use MaterialRequirements.

    I understood so far, what you need to build in that area to make it valid, but I am trying to do it a bit differently.
    What I try is to allow the area to be active, when you own a specific number of items in your inventory and those items just deleted from there (like having money and when you create that area, you need to pay for it).

    Is there any possibility for this yet? Or is it required to have items placed in that area to be counted to the requirements?

    Hope you can push me into the right direction on how to implement this :) (Reading about "EnergyRequired" gives me hopes that it is possible, but I can't really figure out on how to add something else)

  • Ah yeah, I should write up how the blueprints work. They are a bit less modder-friendly than other things.

    I'm not 100% sure I get what you're trying to do. Do you want to buy property with goods? Like the building site is just there and someone pays for it?

    So MaterialRequirement is the blocks that must be present within the building site for the site to be considered "complete". It's a map of the c# type of the block to the quantity required. I've uploaded the current block types here:[Ref]-Current-Block-Types

  • Having a set spawn point would be great. /setspawn where you can create a spawn inside a building with all server information such as rules when a new player joins in. because I think its randomly spawns at the moment

  • This post is deleted!

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