My arms are full and I cannot learn

  • Sooooooo I went around picking up all of the food I could find only to realize that I am now unable to learn logging (thus pretty much can't do anything) because I have no room in my inventory for an axe (can't seem to drop items).

    Am I out of luck? Will I have to wait until I can eat one of the stacks of food I picked up?

  • Is your backpack also full? Checking as some people may not realize they have a backpack, I didn't know at first myself until I started clicking all the buttons.

  • Yes thankyou! I didn't realise the backpack was a thing. Unfortunately I'm still carrying too much weight haha

  • ohh sounds like you have to eat some of your gathered food first .. though its in general a bad idea to harvest more food then you night at that moment in the start.

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