A small but necessary change for Stores to make them 100% more functional.

  • Currently, it seems as though with Stores all trades have to have to take place in one opening/closing of the window. At least, I haven't found another way to do it. So say I own a shop and I'm in need of Gold ore, and willing to trade for it. Then I need to make everything I'm selling in the store equal to the value of a stack of 10 gold ore or less, and then anything else I might also want to buy has to be in factors related to that gold ore.

    However, all that would need to change is that person's "trade value" units with a particular shop, which are already there for both the customer and the owner of the shop bench, be remembered by the server forever.

    This means that if say I wanted to sell a cart for 35 trade units, and I say that 1 log = 1 trade unit at my shop, a player can bring me 3.5 stacks of logs in 4 trips and would then have enough trade credit to buy a cart from me. It isn't a currency, but with the way that it works now where you lose your trade credit upon closing the shop window, all your trades can at best be 1 stack of something in value.

  • I've accumulated multiple trips worth of trade goods in the storage tab of a store and then used it to trade.

  • Do you remember how you accomplished this? As of yesterday, I spent quite a while on my second account from the 2-pack and no matter what I did, the best I could do is complete a trade in one opening of the window.

    If I traded and just left myself positive values, confirmed by finalizing the trade, and then left the window when I came back I'd still be at 0.

    Got to wonder if this changed with an update and maybe they just need to make it save the value again?

  • something similar to this will be coming soon -

    Store owners will be able to set the maximum amount of store credit they allow, and it will remember that value per player for long as the store remains open.

  • You see, that's awesome. Looking forward to it and all the rest that is to come for Eco. Thanks for the response!

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