Server Issue

  • Alpha 5.1

    Think my server may be beyond repair. Earlier today I got disconnected and when I tried logging in it got stuck on "Connecting", when I check the logs it said something about disconnecting due to inactivity and then that I was already logged in. I waited a while in hopes it would finish disconnecting me without having to restart the server, no luck. So I restart the server and try logging in but all objects are gone, doors, chests, crafting tables, ramps, etc. I also can't see the world beyond a short distance and when I go over the edge I just keep falling forever. I tried loading the earliest backup but it's the same thing.

    I have a backup I saved separately that works but it's from at least several days earlier or more so will lose a ton of progress if I have to use that one.

  • We are already on 5.3. Alpha 5.1 is already outdated

  • Was hoping there was some way to get the server fixed, understand it's an alpha but didn't expect needing to start over until the next big update. We lost about a week of progress so we've been thinking of starting over instead of just rebuilding, will learn from this though. Learned that the auto backup system you have is pretty much useless in its current state unless the issue happened in the past 2 hours or so and there is no way to change how often it backs things up, it just changes the values back to default. Will have to do manual backups each day so if something like this happens again it's only a single day lost.

  • Yea we are aware of even backups being broken .. the issue is the property system. That can be temporarily fixed by opening with a zip app and deleting the property's folder. Sadly bugs like that are a part of an alpha, but issue and comparability problems are improving more and more. Eric is hard at work fixing that bug that breaks saves right now. Soon those critical issues should be a thing of the past

    Edit: edited the text above

  • Just hotfixed my server, though it does have some errors when loading but they don't seem to prevent it from working. Your talk about the property folder in the file got me to try out copying some of the files over from original server to my backup, copied plants, objects, users, and world from one file to the other and it seems to be working fine now. Just missing any new property claims, the time listed on the server lists shows the time of the backup and not the original, and the minimap is currently not showing the changes we made. I tried copying over more but the other files gave errors when loading up that crashed it. Looked in the code that popped up in the errors for keywords like time, chat, minimap, etc. and kept taking those out of the list I copied over until it worked.

    So it may not be perfect but we may not have to start over now. One interesting thing is that the Locked checkbox seems to be missing from objects already placed, placing them down again brings it back.

    EDIT: Looks like there may be other problems, while we can seem to update the world, the character doesn't seem to update, keep starting in the same spot with same inventory even after changing it. It was worth a shot at least, I may keep trying little things to fix, but if things won't save properly then it may not work.

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