Some possible ideas

  • As some background I am a science teacher teaching in England, with pupil ages of 11-16. I think this game is awesome and has huge educational potential. At the moment I am noticing that my pupils are having difficulty with graph drawing and reading which this game has in spades so these are a bit graph obsessed.

    Some possible things to change to help it in an educational setting

    • Would it be possible to get an admin or server setting where you can lock the server after a set time. I know that I get into it and have long play times but I don't want my kids up playing all night so being able to shut the server would hopefully reduce this.

    • Statistics is not my strong point so I could be wrong, as the populations of different animals on the graphs are discreet data should it not be a bar chart and therefore the bars should be separate? I know this seems pedantic but the British government is really fussy about this with our exit exams and this is worth one or more marks on the science coursework.

    • Would it also be possible to have it so that you have a slider for axis size (especially on the y) so that pupils can adjust it and see the effect it has on the graph as again this has an impact on their marks (they try to draw the graph tiny and it is too small).

    • Would it also be possible to click the graph and have it display as full screen, I know you can zoom but it would be easier to click and have it display as full screen, as some of my pupils would have difficulty reading the graph. Along with this having a grid overlay would also be useful as it could support teaching the kids to draw the graphs which is also necessary for their final exam.

    Also I have no background in computer science so I am unaware if these are absolutely ridiculous requests, so if they are I apologise, also I don't know if these have been brought up before, do you guys have a road map / things your working on? I know there is the github, but is there any other form of large changes that are in the works?

    Again love your game and think it is turning out really well!

  • On the first item, that sounds like a great mod for a server - either to set "active hours", or to set limits on play time.

  • Excellent feedback, I will make a note to add these when we have time.
    Graphs we definitely want as a center of the game, you use them to make sense of the world. We also have heat maps just added, have you had a look at those? Curious your thoughts.

  • Not sure why but heat maps don't work on my PC but I pulled it up on my gf's pc and they are awesome only thing both me and her said was if you can get the line graph to create at the same time as the eat map so you can see on the globe when you get a spike where it is that would improve it loads, it will mean kids will be able to go oh so and so put down a pump jack and polluted everything. (also I tried it on firefox and edge and could get it to load but it wouldn't change overtime, I will try updating stuff and see if I can get it working).

    Data logging is required under the national curriculum in England so having this which not only records data but produces that heat map as well is amazing. It is worth noting that this is normally highly expensive and most schools spend fortunes on data loggers they don't use very often. I think it is defiantly worth highlighting these features as much as possible as this is a way you can sell it to certain more classical teachers who would see this as just a game and not for what it truly is, if you show them that it is a fun and superior method of doing this you could have a really good market there.

    I really enjoyed those heat maps and I think you just sold the game to my gf because of it as well so I am presuming she does too . :)

  • I fixed it I had apparently turned off hardware acceleration on chrome at some point, so now it works.

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