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  • if you need help look if its not resolved her first . but don't ask for help her . if there is no workaround then create a new post =)
    And if you have a workaround for any issue please post them here and i add them to the top post =)

    I will also try to post workarounds for issues when i get time after all bug reporting stuff =)

    here are some workarounds:

    I cant look around, but i can see my mouse pointer - It is possible your mouse is not locked .. you can lock your mouse with tab.
    I can not remove my doors with hammer or any other tool - You can remove doors with the e button
    I cant complete a building - this might not be a bug but maybe you are using the wrong material ? Saw mill needs refined wood and not normal wood logs. you only need to use in your foundation these blocks, so you can mix different building material types.
    The Server fails to start the web-server and now the law system is not working you need to run the server exe for now as administrator.

    here is a small how to get started guide from the reddit community

  • Thanks a ton to NoBlackThunder for smoothing out the launch. We're working to get these issues sorted asap. Welcome to alpha :)

  • Also may I add that there is currently no search function (that I can see) available on the forums. This would help people find the answers.
    COuld be that it has been removed due to performance issues?

  • i forward this to jeff =)

  • Just added in search. Good Idea!
    It's in the top right.

  • Hey, sorry to bother you but I've been trying to add a post to advertise our server and unfortunately every time I hit submit it gives me this error:

    Post content was flagged as spam by

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask for help but it seems whatever I do my post is getting blocked.

  • @Simply_Cookie This is an issue with Akismet, which is an anti-spam feature. Try posting with no links at first, and then edit those in.

  • yea akismet is a bit sketchy at times .. even has given me issues with posting posts. sadly we need it or we get run over by dam spamming bots AGAIN .. and they go around and post garbage and virus links in worst case. not only that those bots are DAM smart :/ they post something totally legit to the forum and later edit it to spam and evil links

  • @MGrand3 Cheers - worked perfectly :)

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