[RESOLVED] Not able to craft wood stuff on workbench

  • Hey guys, i'm desperately trying to craft some wood stuff on my workbench. But, system is telling me that i require "woodworking" or "wood construction" to do so. I already read the Wiki and i did upgrade all necessary skills which are required. I've attached a screenshot for better understanding.

    I really would appreciate your help in this case guys!

    Greetings, Olhelm!


  • It is very confusing so far to compare what skills it says you need versus what you ACTUALLY need. In your case you need a Research Table "Carpentry Skill Book" to unlock the Carpentry tree which will show up along civics, research, etc all along the top. From there you can unlock "Woodworking" described as basic carpentry work.

  • Thanks dude!!! :D If i had a beer i would give i to you! ;)

  • After getting a Carpentry skill book and learning skill from a scroll You will have another Tree in Your Skill Tree


  • Aaaah ok! :)

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