R4ToolKit: KillDeeds

  • Last Update: 01/12/2017

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    This will remove all deeds from your inventory.
    Make sure you place important deeds in chests before you use this command.

    Version by Rezoken

  • Thanks! posted in discord as people started to complain about the Deed issues. Tried it on my server and it saved me tons of storage room. Thanks!

  • I have created a slightly modified version on your one R4mbo. All credits go to R4mbo for the initial version of this.

    /killdeeds force

    Will remove deeds from your inventory. Leaves any deeds that have a property or vehicle attached to them.
    Use the force parameter to remove all deeds in your inventory similar to previous logic.


    Current Issues:

    • When a deed is attached to a vehicle and you remove the vehicle. The deed is not updated with the fact that the vehicle no longer exists until you log out and back in.
    • If a vehicle is lost, by way of falling through the floor, you are unable to remove the deed with the normal command, you must use the force parameter.

  • Good job, I attached it to my main-post.

  • Can this be extended or modified to delete whatever is in slot [n]?

  • Not this particular modification as this is related to Deeds, however, a mod too allow you to delete a particular slot in your toolbar or backpack is possible yes.


    Updated to work with version 5.4

    Replace existing KillDeeds.cs file.

  • Integrated it into the Main-Post.
    Good Job and Thx! I'm AFK until 0.55

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