Bridge construction is a cancer :|

  • Horizontal construction is a cancer... :|

    I have to pre-build everything in wood if I want a horizontal construction.
    I am trying to aim blocks in a very cautionus way, but it doesn't really help at all.

    ecohorizontal2.jpg ecohorizontal3.jpg

    I understand that there is a 'sliding'/'slippery' mechanic but it is just making it worse in this scenario.

    So I have to build one block up if I want to build further horizontal.
    If I missed a stone road with horizontal construction, I would have to use pick axe and take it back with shovel.

    This is a cancer that can be cured.
    If I had an ability to stick to the block - problem would be solved.
    In Minecraft we had an ability to walk and during walk You were unable to fall down from a block.
    I have to point out Minecraft bridge construction:

    Perhaps an item like spiked shoes which would grant this kind of ability, or attaching a rope (too complex?).

    What do You guys think?

  • I kind of like that major building projects require scaffolding to complete, but we could definitely add some stuff like minecraft style prevention of falling off blocks when holding shift or otherwise.

  • I understand that major buildings construction require scaffolding and I honestly think this is a good idea too.
    If we had a way to 'project constructions' with a 'project workbench' that would give us an ability to predetermine building size and give us a possibility to create such a scaffolding - I would be content.
    Hopefully other peple too.

    Because this way I could project to build a dam over river, a castle walls, [name anything big] ...

  • We have a bunch of ideas for making building just feel better overall, without compromising much on the other design pillars of the game like transportation and whatnot.

    Things like better targeting (showing ghost of blocks you are going to place) and whatnot

  • We discussed the same topic 2 days ago. We thought the smartest way to make building more fun would be cranes.
    We thought about 2 types. A small moving one (2x2x2) with a reach of 3 for bridges and roads and a big one (2x2x4)with a reach of 6.
    Implemented as character, so it is easier to handle game wise.

  • There was an MC mod I liked which introduced scaffold blocks - they were blocks which were produced in bulk (like one wood could produce 16 or something), and they were fast to build and remove (for example, if you placed a scaffold where a scaffold already was, they stacked up to a certain height like 5, and if you removed the bottom one, all the others above it were also removed.) They also could not be used to hold up any other blocks so they were not a substitute for structural building materials.

    The notion of a holographic blueprint is getting popular in some of the sci-fi games like Space Engineers. Usually though they require you to have already built the thing and then create a blueprint from it - not so useful in the case of a bridge perhaps?

  • Oh also, you could climb the scaffold blocks, which was an important feature.

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