[Large Butchery Efficiency] Skill increase has negative effect! v0.5.3

  • Hi,

    like you can see in the Screenshot the Skill effect is inverse.
    Skill says "Reduces Elk Carcass Cost" what means, less carcass needed for the same amount of meet, but
    the skill is actually reducing the amount of meet that is produced by one carcass.

    Question for the Devs: are skill effects modable? If yes, could you please tell me how? so instead of waiting for the patch i could hotfix this on our server.

  • I did some research, this bug is accruing with all recipes which have more than one product. through out all the Jobs.
    Look at the commentary in the source below.

    namespace Eco.Mods.TechTree
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Runtime.Serialization;
    using Eco.Gameplay.Components;
    using Eco.Gameplay.Items;
    using Eco.Gameplay.Skills;
    using Eco.Shared.Utils;
    using Eco.World;
    using Eco.World.Blocks;
    [RequiresSkill(typeof(ButcherySkill), 2)]
    public class ButcherElkRecipe : Recipe<ButcherElkRecipe>
        static ButcherElkRecipe()
            products = new CraftingElement[]
               new CraftingElement<RawMeatItem>(typeof(LargeButcheryEfficiencySkill), 10, 10 * 0.25f, 4), // At this point something goes wrong
               new CraftingElement<LeatherHideItem>(typeof(LargeButcheryEfficiencySkill), 4, 4 * 0.25f, 4),
            ingredients = new CraftingElement[]
                new CraftingElement<ElkCarcassItem>(typeof(LargeButcheryEfficiencySkill), 1, 1 * 0.25f, 4),
            craftMinutes = new ConstantValue(2);
            StaticInit("Butcher Elk", typeof(ButcherElkRecipe));
            CraftingComponent.AddRecipe(typeof(ButcheryTableObject), new ButcherElkRecipe());
        public override string FriendlyName { get { return "Butcher Elk"; } }

  • change

    new CraftingElement<RawMeatItem>(typeof(LargeButcheryEfficiencySkill), 10, 10 * 0.25f, 4),

    to something like

    new CraftingElement<RawMeatItem>(typeof(LargeButcheryEfficiencySkill), 10, 20, 4),

    the second number there is the value that it will approach, with the last number being the level where the value is halfway. By default all our autogen assumes decreasing values in skills.

    You'll probably want to change the LeatherHideItem return rate to go up instead of down as well.

  • Mods_fix

    I fixed all recipes with this "bug".


    • Unzip File
    • Override Folder " Mods" in the Server-folder
    • Start Server

    All Products are scale linear to the input, efficiency reduces the resources.

    Product = standartOutput * Input
    ResourcesNeeded = (standartInput - efficiency) * Input

  • I see you've fixed the pitch, butchery and the camfire efficiency levels,
    but I am sure there are other broken ones in there. For example to make
    huckleberry extract you need 9 huckleberries, but with a over 50% efficiency
    on it when I try to make 100 of them I still need to use 837 of them, that's
    not even 10% efficiency. Same with fiddleheads and hucklebery extracts
    on Wild Mix recipe. Can you look into them as well? Thank you.

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