Are there big servers active?

  • Looking to buy the game but i don't want to spend 40 USD (I'm Canadian so its a lot more in Canadian dollars) if there are no bigger servers. I enjoy large scale RP and think its perfect for this game. Thanks c:

  • Howdy! right now there are not allot of active big and large servers, this is totally normal since we have a limited alpha right now. Most people are active when we release major update and player counts drop after a few weeks.We expect more activity when we release eco to steam

  • Thanks for the quick reply! What kind of numbers are there on servers now?

  • Steplife's server I think is the most popular and tends to have about ~5 people online at any given time. Its also from what I've seen at least quite impressive with what they've managed to build so far.

    Up until recently the instability of the game in general has lead to lots of server wipes - that should be much, much less frequent going forward so I hope to see communities lasting for a lot longer than prior alphas.

  • Sounds good! I was hoping for bigger servers, more like a country kinda thing where you got 10 or so in government and another 50-80 as citizens. But its all good. Ill wait out for steam perhaps. Thanks for your help guys!

  • Hey Mamakino!

    I'm Freds00n and currently playing on an active server with two smaller cities emerging. Our main community has about 8ish people in it, everyone with their own home. Our city is called Pairi Daiza (server Pairi Daeza) and i'm currently the head chef of the island ahem mountain. That's why i've build a restaurant to sort of have the feeling of entering a food business. A second city is emerging as well with 3~ people in it, also connecting to them. As far as i know this server is one of the bigger ones with sometimes up to 10+ people online and also seeing members coming back. Everyone kind of has his/her own job but as we get into higher tiers things start mixing up but we're still dividing tasks! I'm trying to keep RP in the game and buy as much stuff from others as i can without doing it myself so i know what you're going for.

    Only problem might be that you're from the other side of the world while the server is hosted in the Netherlands. We do have someone from Texas playing and if things go wrong we can contact the admin via discord. Unfortunately the server seems to be offline / unstable for now so i'm not able to play myself but i hope once that clears up we can all play together again and give you more information. :)

    &Yeah communities aren't too big yet but people tend to leave quite fast and i'm not sure why. Only a few stick around and stay as i've noticed. Oh well...

    See you in-game - sooner or later!



  • @Freds00n If you give me the IP ill ping it and see how good my ping is. my internet is 150 down 15 up so its not too bad for long range

  • @MamaKino well unfortunately the server is unstable and offline / disconnecting quite a lot. I hope it will go up soon and we can start playing again! I'll let you know asap. :)



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