Client issue

  • Odd client issue. I downloaded the game. Fired up the server. Let it do its thing. It appears to be all fine and loaded and working but when I login to the server with the client I get this:


  • you most likly are missing a folder or the server isnt ready yet with its load up .. check if you have a folder in your server called Mods/ExportedMods (if there is a link item on it delete that) and if that folder is missing create the folder.. that should fix issue

  • Oh odd. That seemed to do it. Which is weird because I did the CreateSymlink thinking that would do it, it created the Symlink and it still didn't work. Perhaps they should take that batch file out as it doesn't actually do anything.

  • symlink is for internal use .. its for unity compiler .. but they messed up i guess by getting this out asap and forgot to fix that folder for the release =P ... urrgg need to do a general help thing with issues like that that come back all the time .. but i have to post bug reports =P

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