Plans for Singleplayer?

  • Just curious, but are the devs planning on making any kind of singleplayer aspect? Oh and, I haven't bought the game so I do have a question: Can you put passwords on servers just to play with friends only?

  • @Fizmer said:

    Just curious, but are the devs planning on making any kind of singleplayer aspect? Oh and, I haven't bought the game so I do have a question: Can you put passwords on servers just to play with friends only?

    it would be nice if they add more types of events into game then just meteor event..

    hurricanes, tornadoes, earth quakes, and true survival mode for people who like to play coop with smaller groups and it be nice to have a password ability instead of just white listing peoples names.

  • Howdy! yes we have seen that this is a highly requested feature. So we look at a later stage if we cant implement the server side into the client and create a singleplayer mode similar to other games. Right now though you still have to spin up a server if you like to play for your self in sort of a singleplayer mode

  • Hey Fizmer!

    I'm not sure why everyone desires SP for eco. I've also noticed that some people just love to do everything on their own BUT the game starts to shine when you actually start playing with friends or even strangers.

    You'd ask, "but why freds00n?", well it's as simple as that. Imagine, an entire world for you alone where, once you've put your building down, others start joining and gathering around - forming a city, everyone with their own job. We've got a cook to make delicious dishes (me!), an engineer who crafts wicked carts, a carpenter for all your fine wood and don't forget the blacksmith! The problem is; a huge meteor is threatening to destroy the world and take everyone and everything with it. Now this is just the basic thing what eco is about. I'm not even talking about pollution, extinction of plants/animals or even the human race/the planet, let alone the survival of yourself and others - mainly by food.

    The main goal of eco is to destroy this huge meteor together and overcome the threats of mother nature - keep a clean ecosystem running. You are able to play on a server just with you and friends but i highly recommend you to look for an active server with a nice community. I'm currently playing on one and everyone has got their own job to do - this way we work together as a team to eliminate all the threats. Everyone is also watching out for all the kind of threats so nothing bad will happen to the planet. Once you take away the meteor - the game still has a lot to offer with regard to the ecosystem (which basically happens 90% of the time) because the meteor hits earth in 30 IRL days - which is plenty of time to get you going, especially with an active and friendly community which divides tasks and takes jobs/responsibilities on them. :)

    So, whether you are here for the building fun, finding new friends (or joining the communities with your friends) or destroying badass meteors!... everyone's got a place to stay. Unfortunately the communities aren't that big yet and you are able to take away the meteor from the server / play by yourself (as Beardedbob explains in this YT video but at the end of the road i still highly recommend you to start the game of by playing it with others on a multiplayer server - there's so much fun and so much to discover together. You also have to wait for your skill points - you can't just earn them yourself. So you can kind of mod your skill points in but then you're missing out on learning new things like... cooked meat or electricity! After a day of waiting you'll finally be able to learn them and try them out, it's really exciting this way. Especially if you need different resources from all the other players who are skilling into different skill trees. But after all: don't forget to destroy the meteor... and have a blast = fun, haha ;).



  • An active modding community might also be able to address this. I personally feel like Eco needs to have a core competency and be a great platform for future expansion (MC for example did good on the first and not so good on the second until others came along and kindasorta fixed it.) One danger for early games is trying to be all things to all people too soon. Even though I would personally also like to see a challenging and fun single-player experience, I would not want the core experience to be diluted by that additional requirement if it would increase development time or take away from the community experience.

  • In my opinion Single Player would completely undermine the purpose of this game. The whole game has been designed to be played as a community, creating a single player experience out of that would require a total overhaul of almost all of the mechanics and skill progression. While somewhere way down the line this could be viable, it seems like it would be a waste of time at this stage.

    Maybe some sort of practice creative mode or tutorial could satisfy this need? But as for the main gameplay it wouldn't really fit within the context of the game.

  • Looking it as a game and yet a teacher of simple world economics, Single Player would bring a different use of mechanics. Yes it would have to change a huge amount of things for Single Player to actually be like multiplayer, but maybe my idea for that can make a difference.

    Since in multiplayer there are only few players, maybe make an NPC, or a few that will look up to you and require your commands. For example, NPC1 can be a cook/hunter. So you send him off for (x)in-game hours to farm animals/crops. NPC2 can be your blacksmith. Have him focus, which you choose what he focuses, blacksmith properties. NPC3 can be your engineer. Or however you want your NPCs to be.

    Maybe create a menu for your specifications, but for the NPCs, you can control their abilities just as if your friends where there in the world. Some things would have to change for the player, but not as much. You would still have things being built, farmed, in progress, all whilst doing what you chose to do. It wouldn't be the same as with friends, but it would be close enough, and Single Player.

  • @GrimReaper411 And if you don't feed them they revolt and burn everything to the ground waving shovels and torches about.

  • That would happen to me ALL the time! I am never good with NPCs, but that reply has made my day!

  • @GrimReaper411 Stalin Simulator 2017

  • Sounds like someone needs to write a Feudalism plugin...

  • I'd love a single-player mode due to my internet being terrible and I'm unable to join/play remotely well on public servers. And due to parent's firewalls and stuff (which they refuse to remove) I am unable to host my own server to join alone.

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