How do trades/stores work?

  • Ive come across alot of stores ingame, but cant seem to figure out how to make a trade for the items for sale.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • You'll have to check what is on the left and what is on the right side. The left side is for sale, the right side is what the shop is buying.

    If there's one chair on the left side and the it says "5" and on the right side there's a log saying "1", you will basically have to gather 5 points by giving the store... 5 logs. Just put in the number of logs or hold them in your hand, what ever is easiest.

    You can also see the amount of points you've earned or lack in the right bottom corner of the shop screen. If it's green you're able to buy it or have points left, if it's red you still owe points/items. That's basically how shops work. ALWAYS make sure you're at 0 or close to and don't click trade if you're not ready because you might lose your stuff / the shop takes it without you gaining smth. :)

    If you want to set up a shop yourself you can scale prices accordingly; scale left side to 20 and scale right side to 1 (for expensive items - need lots of items to buy it) or scale left to 1 and right to 5 (for resources or redundant items - need a few to buy a lot).

    You can also store goods in the shop, there is a private section for you and all your customers. If you want to sell goods you'll put it in the store section - there will also be all the items your customers give you in case someone buys you stuff. Important: if you want to remove it and it says 'someone has been using it or has items in it', don't believe the first part. Someone has 100% items in it and if he/she clears their private section you'll be able to pick it up.

    Just try let people have specific jobs and only one job - so that not everyone is a chef or an engineer or... this is the only way you can create an economy. Don't craft boards but let someone be a carpenter who can craft them 100x better. So you kind of need to let people do their thing and you do your thing, otherwise it doesn't work if everyone is just doing everything on their own - even simple things like boards. Or just help out some new guys - give them wood for the berries they collected or smth!

    That's it basically, hope this helps. :)

  • Appreciate the help!

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