[ Enhancement] Basic Hot Keys

  • I know this is still alpha, but some basic hot keys are a must have. Even if it is just for skills and your backpack. Having to press tab then move the mouse to open and then press tab again to keep going is not a valid solution.

    Im sure it is being worked on :)

    At a minimum for just playability need to have Skills, Inventory as hot keys.

  • Yes, lets add to github

  • have something similar on it .. on github already =) can add comment to it and link to this post =)

    had somthing like this added as a feedback already The current key input configuration is not matching directly the unwritten standard in games and should look more like this :
    w = forward
    s= backwards
    a= strafe left
    d = strafe right
    space = jump
    ctrl = crouch
    shift= sprint
    q = drop items
    e = use items ( instead of right mousebutton) open doors and so on no matter what item you have in your hand
    f= special menu ( door access menu, furnace payment system and so on)
    left mousebutton = always break object in front of you
    right mousebutton = use item in hand ( eat food or place item/ block on ground )
    i = inventory
    s= skill windows
    b= blueprint

    what do you think about this ?

  • @NoBlackThunder Not bad, though in Fallout 4, I believe the drop item button is R. I guess Q would work too. Making things to industry standards is a good idea. It makes the on-boarding a lot easier.

  • Certainly a start and would allow a lot of gamers to just jump right in.

  • for dev issue created for this one here

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