Feedback After Gameplay

  • My husband and I purchased the game earlier yesterday for something to try out. We've enjoyed several hours of trying and failing and trying again and perhaps succeeding at various aspects. We both have really enjoyed the experience of it's current release but wanted to share our feedback :) We followed the Wiki for the first bit of game play then adventured onward.

    1. I'm fairly tech savvy and found it a little confusing to puzzle out initially how to start the game after I downloaded everything. It was a bit by chance that I downloaded the server file and then just noticed a LAN server with my computers "name" pop up at the top of the list - it appeared suddenly for my husband as well. Perhaps some notes in the email when you receive your game code on "What's next"... I saw the thread on how to create a server with port forwarding but a but more direction for how to get started would be helpful.

    2. The second thing I struggled with was knowing where my cursor was in game.. We both ended up taking some clear tape and putting a dot at the tip of where the cursor shows up when you click "ESC" and stuck that on our monitors. This way we knew where to place wood, some idea of where to shoot our bows.. etc.

    3. Server graphs/info for population. When I had initially joined the LAN server it showed in the text box the population of most things in green - I liked having the option of seeing this information even if I had no scope on what to compare it to as good. Other times when I opened the game it wouldn't be there, or all the numbers would be 0 in red. When we tried to bring up the graph online it would show plants but not animals and then sometimes after it loaded it would then disappear.

    4. Trying to puzzle out which skill book at the research table corresponded to which unlockable skill. I had some difficulty puzzling out which skill to unlock to do which level of research. I felt like the wording wasn't quite the same for skill and research as you would expect and more than once dumped a handful of points into a skill to have it be the incorrect one for what I was trying to achieve. An example would have been trying to unlock "Campfire Creations" to cook further things. I upgraded my Survival skill then realized I was supposed to actually unlock "Cuisine" in my Research tab to then be able to unlock it at the research table. Same with when I was trying to do some Carpentry. I found it confusing to know which skill needed to be unlocked to get woodworking in correlation with the research table.

    5. Some tool issues. I originally spent almost two calorie bars trying to chop up a tree that I fell thinking I was just super weak and unable to split it... I then realized the remaining branch needed to be removed before I could cut it into logs. I also struggled with moving dirt/stone/ore one at a time. I enjoy that it's limited by weight but currently (from what I found) you could only move one shovel worth to a work bench at a time. However if you moved a pile from your stored items you could then move 10 on your shovel.

    6. It would be helpful for crafting benches to have room requirements shown on them in the crafting menu prior to making them. I made a tailoring table and found out it needed 40 cubic blocks of room, and brick walls. When I tried to place it just to have in the room for appearance it also crashed my game twice in a row - then upon coming back to the game it was placed but I had a spare in my inventory.

    I found the lighting in the game really amazing. Wasn't just shadows that would adjust. Each sunset/sunrise the brilliant colours would make everything look gorgeous. It would be amazing to think about adding seasons to this game and how that could also affect the ecosystems surviving. I found myself with so many questions (will there be health bars, will carnivorous animals attack you, how do you know when an animal population will breed, will there be more animal types, will there be a risk of drowning...) after trying this version of the game and really look forward to what it will turn into! I'm already a big fan :)