[Client Issue] Climb Cliffs, Trees, Buildings

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    Server, Client or Website? Client

    OS/Web Browser? Windows 10

    Detailed Description of Issue: **You can climb any object just by jumping and running into the object. Example run to a cliff at the bottom and keep jumping you will jump to the top of the cliff wall
    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce? Yes, everytime

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue: find an object taller then you and start jumping.

    Additional Comments:

    Client Version? [Alpha .01 for example] alpha .01

  • its intended i think

  • Not very realistic :)

  • without this you will else get stuck in rivers and other places .. so not reporting this as a bug for now

  • had realy big issues in pre alpha getting stuck everywhere =P so for now its needed unless they find a better solution

  • Understood, I hold a Quality Assurance position at a large MMORPG so just passing along things as Im running across them.

    I noticed the getting stuck in things, reported on facebook a couple issues. Do you want me to move them here in their own threads?

  • move everything here .. its the offical place to report things .. and i create new issues on github for you then .. if i think its a bug =P i am kind of a bug sorter =P sort out and help to find and resolve issues right now =P

  • Ahh so you are a copy of what I do for the game studio i work for :) Good luck sir!

  • yep i do that .. so devs can continue code instead using many hours and hang around her .. and the best of all i am free to =P so i cost nothing for the development =P

  • Yeah I want to change this, its too powerful.

  • @JohnK
    IMO this should be fixed after we fix getting stuck every time something slightly brushes your side.
    Having to climb up stairs every time to build a roof and getting stuck on every jump would be frustrating.

  • @JohnK Fuller told me about this when we chatted in my Teamspeak. I proposed that it be a mechanic in the future via a "Grappling Hook" that players can make. That's what happens when you mess up the jump code though. xD

    Bugs can be fun sometimes!

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