Amount of English speaking players?

  • Hi, I'm a prospective supporter of ECO, I'm familiar with Alpha titles and what that means, and am really interested by what the game seems to be overall as well as the constant Facebook ads on my wall. However, I've come to understand from my research that the number of US servers is highly limited - I'm wondering overall how active the game is among English speakers at all, it doesn't seem like a moderate ping would kill the game. I understand there is an official server, however they seem to be very far along - then again on that note I'd assume you'd need to find a server that is just starting up or that has just reset itself for some reason to get in on building something from the ground up.

    Any info anyone might have on this would be greatly appreciated, I just don't want to end up buying the game only to not really have anywhere to play and ultimately meh'ing out on it, it looks very very good.

  • Hey
    I have had no issue finding English speakers. As for the server age that may be an issue, however some servers offer help for new players. Kind of like a boost.


  • thanks for the info. i know it's possible to play single player too so i'm sure i'll be fine

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