Toggle chat notifications?

  • Hello everyone,

    i'm wondering what happened to my notifications at the bottom left, like "Harvested 2 Beans" , "Hit turkey with xy damage", "Collected 2 Logs + 1 bonus", that appeared for a short amount of time. Lately I'm missing these. I switched between a few chat channels and accidently created one, but since then there are no texts at all unless i open the chat, where only some crafting messages are.
    Does somebody know how to set it back to default?
    Thank you in advance!

    EDIT: Seems like all #Server messages are affected. On other servers it all works.

    / / /

    Apparently fixed it by removing the file and Backup folder from the Storage folder ( remains), but I don't know why^^
    Fixed is fixed! Might help others in the future :)

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