Crash to desktop for moving dirt

  • My Client just crashed (CTD) with this error while i was moving dirt, This error has happened 3 times

    [46:39] Caught network exception from Linrox! Disconnecting...
    [46:39] Disconnecting client [reason: Caught exception: Caught exception invoking RPC ViewRPC on Client!

    at Eco.Shared.Networking.RPCManager.TryInvoke(Object controller, String methodname, BSONObject bsonArgs, Object& result)
    at Eco.Shared.Networking.RPCManager.InvokeOn(BSONObject bson, Object controller, String methodname)
    at Eco.Plugins.Networking.Clients.Client.ViewRPC(Guid guid, String methodname, BSONObject bson)
    Caught exception invoking RPC UseStack on LimitedInventory!

    at Eco.Gameplay.Items.InventoryChangeSet.RemoveItem(InventoryBase inventory, Item item)
    at Eco.Gameplay.Items.InventoryBase.UseStack(ItemCollection stack, Player player)
    Cannot remove item from inventory which does not contain it.]...

  • how much did you try to move ? it seems you somehow broke the thing that limits how much you can move

  • I was moving one piece. I was preparing an area for a new building, and getting the dirt layer ready. so i was moving dirt (pickup, turn 180 deg, put dirt down) I was doing this rather quickly, guess i hit some lag and then bang, broke it. Not sure if i could reproduce, not sure that i want too.
    When i logged back in after the crash, i was in a slightly different location, (about 10 blocks away). and a bit of the work i had done was reverted. so i did the work again.

  • ok i suspect that this here and your issue might be the same✓&q=is%3Aissue is%3Aopen stack

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