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    I'm keen to set something up in the school I work at. I'm in charge of the media subjects and IT. One of my passions is making games more accepted by educators on the whole. I find most educators stuck in this motion that games are bad. Using the right approach games are actually incredibly beneficial.

    Once the game is more stable I'm going to start looking at how this can be implemented into the school teaching. I currently use Minecraft as a tool but feel this game as more scope. I'm keen to hear from the devs or people working on mods. My plan is to use the game as part of a long term project for the pupils. By incorporating real skills like planning, discussions and implementation the game could really shine as a education tool.

    Please if you have ideas that you don't mind sharing I'm keen to hear from you.


  • Excellent! We're hoping to have a lot of custom tools for teachers to use it in the classroom. Would be great to get your feedback on that as we develop it. Shoot me an email at

  • I emailed you John

  • ArtisL,

    Any news for educators?

  • I contacted John at Strangeloop when it as in alpha regards use in the classroom - he said he was keen to hear feedback but there is no direct forum or channel to do this aside form error reporting. I now play on a few servers but struggle to see a finished game which could be used. I'm thinking a couple of years from now the game might actually be stable - too many additions and too many bugs which in an educational setting you just can't work with.

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