Can we have a ladder?

  • I really would like to build high buildings with more than 4 floors. It is nice to put a a stairs leading from ground floor to the first, then another from the first to the second, and it goes on from second to third and in the end from third to forth. Ah I wanted acess stairs for the roof aswell. That's a lot of stairs.

    It could be useful not just to climb up, but climb down into the mine
    (insert more examples here)

    So I want to know if we can have ladder?

    You have a ladder in following games:

    • Minecraft
    • 7 Days to die
    • Terraria (rope)
      You have a ladder even in League of Legends xD

    So... can we have it? :)

  • Ladder would be a great low-tech start to vertical movement system, eventually leading to elevators.
    Perhaps these could be done together in a way that minimized the codding needed?

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