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  • Hi! I am writing to inquire about a somewhat simple question thats on my mind. Being a seasoned player many different real time and historical strategy games, as well as minecraft and its modded offshots, I simply wonder - is this game any fun yet? The concept sounds really interesting, but are the servers good enough yet, and do you have enough content for us to enjoy the game for any protracted period of time? I have no question that I will eventuall join in, but I do not want to spoil the experience. I think the concept of adding some governance to the traditional minecraft-esque experience could really differentiate this game from all the similar games. Do that part well, and I think this would be the next huge thing. Additionally, It would be great to know if it does work on Mac - since someone I wish to play with swear to that OS. Thanks, and sorry for being blunt.

  • The game is really good, however very limited in it's current state. Being in Alpha theres still many bugs and many new ideas yet to come.

    I bought into it for what I feel it will be, rather than as it is now. Be wary of the forums as many here are new to Alpha testing thinking its Beta which is light years in difference.

    They got a good thing going atm, a bit clunky in places but ceetainly entertaining and fun now.

  • Personally, I think my $40 was well-spent. However, to answer your question, if you are looking for a fun experience my advice would be to wait a bit longer.

    Progress is being made every day in this game, but right now it is still in a rough state performance and feature-wise. A lot of the core features are non-functional. This includes agriculture, much of the late-game tech, and the whole governance/law/justice system.

    Carts are a major source of frustration as they are necessary to gameplay, yet sometimes behave erratically, like they are possessed, resulting in loss of items and other inconveniences.

    That said, the game is quite pretty, and you can have a lot of fun building houses out of various materials. It's just a lot harder than in Minecraft. It's a lot better if you have friends to play with.

    And as far as Mac support goes, this appears to be something that the devs care a lot about (they just fixed a major graphical issue on Macs), and I assume the reason is the educational market. Lots of classrooms use Macs.

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