Skill point gain research - updated 21/02/2017

  • You should maybe use the wiki to let everyone change the value... ?

  • @jhadred is the unofficial guru of all things food-related. He has a spreadsheet that he uses to calculate skill gains.

    If anyone wants to contribute any of this info to the wiki, please do so. The hub page for food is at

    Don't worry too much about formatting. Better to have information there in a bad format than not at all.

  • I think I will have to post that kind of info on wiki instead here.
    But before I do so - i need opinions, to discuss before publishing it.

    Wiki page doesnt give any stat at the moment, just a mere description - although it is a 2nd point which could be expanded properly.

  • if you change thetimemult value in the server you can make time go really fast, and your stomach empty really quickly, for testing purposes

  • To help your tests, if you are Admin, you can do /vomit to empty the stomach

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ZFiRE he is not admin, but we'll ask our admin to make a pleb-free order for us. ^_^

  • For what it's worth, I did an Excel to compare high-end meals.

    • In the first 5 lines, in green, you have the highest value for a row, to determine which meal is best for one type of nutrient. (The higher is the best)

    • Line 6: This is the sum of each type of nutrient, to determine which meal gives the most nutrients. (The higher is the best)

    • line 7: the delta between the highest value and the lowest nutrient value, to determine which meal is the most balanced. (The lowest is the best)

    Each meal provides 1200 ~ 1500 calories, so 2 meals and you are full (3000 calories max).

    So, what is the best combination of 2 meals?

    Look at the Excel and make your own conclusion. With a green background, there are 33% of the best sums, and in red bottom the 33% best deltas.

    My conclusions :
    • Bear SUPREME + Wild Mix : offers the most optimized combination
    • Bear SUPREME + Huckleberry Pie : is the most balanced combination
    • Elk Wellington x2 // Elk Wellington + Wild Mix // Elk Wellington + Bear SUPREME : are the most nutritious combinations

    So the combination that provides the most skill per day is probably one of those 5 :)

    The cooking Excel File : cooking.xlsx

  • @ZFiRE

    I came to the point where i was crafting sausages and huckleberry pie - the combination gave me 300ish SP a day. In combination with things like elk taco or smth with extra carb i would probably get even more SP a day. Unfortunately our server crashed and probably lost the save file because i would've been making bear supreme + pie today... which was my basic plan after all because they are very balanced indeed and very nutritious (both 1.500). Problem with elk willington is it's high protein or fat (170) which means you kind of have to balance this out again. So my guess is to try pie and supreme first for the balanced values in both.

    I've just started today with 150ish SP a day again (with my previous diet i've posted here) and i hope i'll be back on track asap to try even more combinations. :)

    I'm not sure why but it seems that - especially with wild mix combo (which has camas bulb in general) ingrediënts with camas bulb might also give more sp a day for some reason? Because sausage + mix obv. gives way more SP a day according to thread but this is smth i'd love to test out one day.

    Tier 4 vegie,baking: Huckleberry pie Tier 3 meat, culinary: + Sausage (+ Elk taco or change sausage with elk taco - needed testing, diet needs carbs.) gives about 280 - 300(+) SP.

    Server is back up so i will be testing the combo later on!!!

  • Wild mix + susage gives you 350ish skill/day

  • elk wellington + wild mix gives me 390-400 or so in skill rate but I am almost certain by looking at the numbers that bear supreme + wild mix is going to be higher than that with its higher multiplier. I think going for bear supreme and just skipping out on the entire advanced baking tree (for wellington) is more beneficial.

  • Bear Supreme + Wild mix + Extract -> 430 SP

  • @Xorilliz said:

    elk wellington + wild mix gives me 390-400 or so in skill rate but I am almost certain by looking at the numbers that bear supreme + wild mix is going to be higher than that with its higher multiplier. I think going for bear supreme and just skipping out on the entire advanced baking tree (for wellington) is more beneficial.

    Works if you are an extra cook though, since you still need elk wellington to get researching on the molecular gastronomy though.

  • Tier 4 vegie, baking: Huckleberry Pie + Tier 3 meat, culinary: Elk Taco: 315 SP a day ~ (maybe a bit more or less).

  • @Xorilliz

    Yeah that's also my plan, just looking at the stats. Think elk wellington just doesn't do it for now.

    Or maybe you can use it as a cheaper alternative since it's only prep. meat and flour, in terms of commercialisation. Just like i'm cooking pie and taco for everyone (cheaper) and probably Bear grillz meat + wild mix for a specific circle of players who can afford it. Taco is like 1 - 1 per meat you get, pie is like double the berries you need. Then recipes like grillz meat and wild mix are probably the same as pie bcs berries are such a burden to gather.

    You kind of need afk food (the good stuff) and labor food (placeholder food with lots of cal and easy to prep) - especially if you still want good SP/day while doing labor, it'll be sort of expensive if you just eat a lot of grillz meat and wild mix ya' know, especially if you're a commercial cook like me, trying to share the successes of your cooking with the server.

  • updated tier 0

  • updated tier 1

  • Tier 4 vegie, baking: Huckleberry Pie (8) + Tier 4 meat, culinary: bear S U P R E M E (7): 365,8 SP/day. Multiplier is 1.8x. Pretty steady so far so i'm guessing this is the max SP, just one elk taco in my stomach so it might go up even more - bit easier to make then bear + vegie mix combo.

  • You can reach over 400 SP with wild mix and bear supreme, check results above

  • @Foolish_Crok Yeah IK, but this recipe is probably way cheaper then that recipe to put out in an active community on a short term - and the SP value isn't even that bad when you take the ingredients in consideration. That's what i'm going for - a possibility to commercialise a certain combination without too much hassle for the cook, yet an outstanding SP as 'fastfood'.

    You kind of need to be able to please everyone. Not everyone can gather +500 berries a day just to order 10 surpeme meat (that's already with lvl 3 reductions) - which isn't even including extract and vegie. Especially when active gameplay gets involved which means - eat, eat, eat to maintain your calories and eventually your SP / day. Nowadays the communities aren't that big but i'm pretty sure once big communities are coming up - you can forget about the supreme, vegie and extract combo in terms of spreading it on the entire server. :)

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