Alpha 5.3 Released

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the bow, and numerous issues with arrows
    • Fixed misc issues with carts, fixed efficiency checks and tweaked road efficiency values for different block types. You may need to pickup and place existing carts for this to take effect.
    • Fix minimap UI issues
    • Fix invisble avatars

  • Hell yeah, thx for the reactivity !

  • The mini map UI isn't fixed it's twice as bad as before. Once you open the mini map to see which plots of land aren't claimed, you lag immensely, and I'm not saying a few frames per second drop, it literally makes the game unplayable even on the fastest settings. At this point, having the mini map up is a sure way to crash your game to desktop having it out too long. Why do you have to have an animated view of the world, why couldn't you have a simple map, flattened out to alleviate the lag when it's brought up? The map is pretty, but it's unnecessary to have when you're navigating as most don't need to see the rendered trees, the rocks, and the water rendered on a map. Just make the option to have an automated map if they want it, and flatten out the map for those that don't need the extra shiny to play. I'm not running a super high end computer, but i have a fx 6300 clocked at 3.5 gigs per core, 8 gigs of 1866mhz ram, and a hybrid ssd/hhd drive.. You would think at the fastest settings the game should fly with my current configuration. But nope, if i was to gauge the fps with the fastest settings, it's somewhat playable, around 15-18 fps on average and 1-2 fps when mini map is up. hell creativerse with max settings allows me to run at 55 fps, so not exactly sure what you're doing.

    Also you should have the option on the server list to hide incomplete and outdated servers, this looks bad when new people purchase the game and see only a handful of running servers, yet see a wall of incompatible servers, this shows that people are not playing it anymore, looks bad for your game. Which if you were to utilize the scroll wheel on the mouse to navigate the server list, people will eventually give up and want their money back in frustration. Another issue is this "inactivity bug" which is really getting old fast. You can be playing, digging, actually working, and you're logged off for inactivity, which not only happens once, but you can be building, terra-forming land, or could be farming, and you're logged for inactivity, and it's happening on a lot of servers, not just a select few.

  • OK i tested it with msi afterburner. I needed a decent fps and GPU monitoring program to test this. Not exactly sure why I've literally lost 3/4 of my fps when the mini map is up, but that's ridiculous! I've been testing it throughout both versions of 32 bit and 64 bit to see which of the versions seem to be the most stable of the ladder. For now, 64 bit isn't truly optimized, the 32 bit version runs pretty dang hot with medium settings. Which shouldn't be the case because 32 bit should be bottle necking the graphics and should cap out GPU usage cause it's not needed to render all of the graphics. So not sure why the 32 bit vers is harder on the GPU, when it shouldn't be. I can bet if ran for a solid hour on a low grade laptop, you'll be able to fry an egg on the bottom side of that laptop easily ha ha. I think i'll return to this game when it's not to glitchy when trying to play. As for now, with the graphical settings, it's not worth overheating a graphics card to render the garbage mini map to find your friends on the map.

    Another thing, how in the bloody hell can someone claim land that you own right out from under you, take all of the stuff you own, and say it was never claimed, yet i don't have ANY claim stakes, and i had the land for several days prior. there is no way to ban them from servers, remove their stuff, or anything. You knew this would eventually happen, why not write a way to stop it?

  • @Gronknor FPS issues especially with the map is a known issue .. The map is still in early stages and there will be more done to it ... if i understand it right there is also an issue with unity not batching together trees on the minimap together .. and you have therefore like thousands of individual object causing huge fps drop to render instead of combining them into a single mesh.

    Also you @Gronknor and @shortybsd need to contact me .. no fighting here in the forums please .. be nice! If there is an issue come and talk to me and i will gather what really happent ok ?

  • also i am interested in hearing more about the hacker rumor here

  • @Gronknor As Noblackthunder said, minimap perf is a known issue - we're definitely aware of the trouble it's causing. The UI fixes that were referred to in the release notes had to do with icons being placed at incorrect locations, which occurred due to a change in the way some UI textures are rendered. That is the only difference between 5.2 and 5.3, with regards to the minimap. The minimap UI element has many parts, and we're addressing bottlenecks one at a time, as we are able.

  • Not sure what peoples malfunctions are but I have noticed no Frame drops, lag or any other defect. Graphics high.

    In the future I hope folks will have their rigs tested by a professional before claiming the game is bugged sending devs on a wild goose chase, and when more important issues can be attended to.

    Minimap is always open and I'm running 1080 with sliders maxed and no issues, please check drivers and hardware.

  • With the new sliders in the options menu i'm able to upgrade my resolution so i can finally read the amount of goods needed to craft item X properly, haha. I have a potato laptop, which runs this game just fine with some adjustments here and there in the options menu.

    Other then that;

    On our server, there seem to be 'dead elks' which are just rag dolls. They're not dead, but somehow they are alive. Some said if they shoot the rag doll of the elk, they've found a body nearby which you can loot (carcass) - not on the location of the rag doll. Seems a bit odd.
    Minimap sometimes crashes but i don't have a lot of trouble with it - mostly i don't even remember how many times i've opened it before it actually crashes (not sure about the crash report).

    Carts are somewhat broken: we seem to keep on spawning into the ground (the avatar) instead of on the road. We're using dirt roads btw - i can test (and modify this post) if it is any different with other road types. Other then that the carts seem to function properly - just the avatar in the road thingy. Even after picking up and such. You probably also know this but we're getting deeds every time you pick up the cart and put it down again. I'm aware a rework is going on.

    An other strange thing is; newly grown trees have the same amount of wood then fully grown trees (or at least too much imo). Is this going to change in the future? Even the very small trees have somewhat the same amount - it's just a smaller surface you need to hit on.

    Last thing that i find strange - might need a rework as well. If you want to claim property, you also claim the property above you. I'm building inside a mountain and i just want to claim my room so no one can break it down - but on top of the mountain the land also tells me it's 'my land', even when i only claimed the room inside the mountain - in my house. Same issue with someone else nearby - can't build anything because someone claimed a plot underneath it / half in the mountain, which results in him not able to build anything on top of the mountain anymore.

    Carpentry: Seems like the table, shelve and chairs don't spread their effect. The crafting tables have got the requirement + they say there's modules, but i can't seem to get the crafting time/cost down. I've tried replacing the table but doesn't seem to work either. It also doesn't work for the carpentry bench itself (in case there was a typo in the description). Maybe the described time in the table doesn't count the reductions in, but the actual time is reduced, idk?

    Client seems very stable, haven't had a lot of crashed - even the server crashed more then i had regular crashes lol. Bow's back and i can see other avatars, yay! Nice hotfix so far. :)

  • @Serecyn

    So basically what you're saying is that all of those having issues should fork out a few hundred dollars for a 1080 to make an alpha game run smooth, right? I think not. Not everyone has the money for a rig like the one you have, so, the 64 bit optimization wouldn't be a bad thing. Not saying the game doesn't run at all, but if they're planning on hitting the steam market, they're going to have a lot of problems in the future if they can't hit the mid end market with their requirements, it'll just hurt them, but hey, maybe you can purchase them a new card so they can test with you :p (joking aside).

  • I think it is very important not to relay on having this game tailored for better rigs. I genuinely don't think this is the idea. My concern is that this game could become a victim of its own beauty. Most people, espically schools, do not have dedicated graphics. Please keep this in mind for future releases.

  • For the record, we are working on performance. I recently joined under the dev license and have taken up this mantle. Fixing client-side graphics performance isn't something that's done by ramping up the specs on your rig - video or CPU. It's requires specific engineering in the client code to improve, and you don't want to do it too early in the development process because optimized code can be harder to work with than code which is easier to understand but slower. Remember the game is still changing quite a bit, and making that harder now just to get some more FPS hurts the entire development process.

    But, to set the record straight, there are absolutely framerate perf issues, we absolutely know where and why, they can and are being fixed in code (and I am not even touching the shaders, so everyone will benefit), and they do not require you to buy a better rig. Patience, please :)

  • @ChronosWS has already done some nice perf improvements already - there is a LOT of low hanging fruit to optimize.

    The unofficial target spec is going to be some manner of intel HD graphics chips, because thats what the majority of school PCs are using, and the game has to run somewhat efficiently there.

  • @ChronosWS Thanks for your response and hard work :)

  • @Gronknor No...I did not say fork over hundreds of dollars....L2R.

    I have an older rig that runs this game flawlessly...and this rig is 4 years old. My stance is make sure you're crap isn't the issue before crying BUGS! If my rig isn't experiencing FPS problems same should apply elsewhere. If the game works for 5 people and 4 orhers are crashing etc...the problem isn't with the game.

    FYI in most cases issues in new games Alpha or otherwise can be linked to Windows and VC drivers.

  • @Serecyn said:

    FYI in most cases issues in new games Alpha or otherwise can be linked to Windows and VC drivers.

    Another possibility depends on exactly how you play the game. If you spend a lot of time in the same area, you will tend not to see the performance problems nearly as badly as someone who roams the world. If you have a larger view range that will also significantly impact your performance, especially if your machine happens to have slower memory, less memory or a slower CPU no matter what video hardware/drivers you have. Trying to diagnose performance problems without doing an inspection of the running environment and the code probably won't lead to satisfaction this early in the product cycle.

  • @Serecyn Check my recent post: Too Much Fail - Questions and Much Needed Improvements

    Then check out my rig and then explain to me why I am experiencing all those issues like crawling speed and lag with stuttering. My comp is extremely expensive, hand built by techies that I watched myself.

  • @ChronosWS You need to optimise your game mate because its a disgrace. Tiny world, like modded minecraft and its a steaming pile of manure.

    Bugged to hell, disgraceful building mechanics and the bow is almost the epitomy of 'facepalm' with that aiming my goodness its embarrassing, and the arrow fall. For being a revolutionary game with the scientific endeavour on its side, all I see is a fancier and infinitely emptier and much more broken version of a minecraft wannabe terribly optimised, and devoid of decent wildlife.

    The speed of hares, and bison that can literally turn on a penny with their weird zig zag manoevres coupled with your epic bow. Your game is a joke, and for the price which I am currently in the process of retrieving from you for its unjustly expensive offer makes this whole experience seem much more of a scam than a true development.

  • @Ecotoad : I assure that has been done. The code which should get stages for the next release is substantially faster on the client side according to my testing. Remember, this is in alpha, and not one of those Steam early-access take-you-for-your-money-and-hit-the-road operations. Going forward I expect we will keep a steady eye on performance as more and more people will hear about the game and a good first impression will become increasingly important. But right now it's really geared toward those who are wanting to help advance development - people who will find and report bugs, help with game balance, and generally help a very small team to accomplish what we think is a really cool goal in a reasonable timeframe. If you don't want to be in this early, you probably shouldn't have joined, but if you stick around, I promise things will get a lot better, but you'll need some patience in the mean time.

    And by the way, your rig specs wouldn't have really helped you with the performance issues so take heart (the problems were beyond fixing with better hardware). I have a pretty good rig myself (i7, 32Gb, 980Ti running at 4k) and I get nice framerates now even at max world distance. There's probably more performance to squeeze out later, but I think the next release will ease your performance concerns.

  • @ChronosWS Yeah been watching the slack, there are alot of preformance tweaks done in the last 40-50 commits so ther been super bussy with fixing bugs and preformance issues :)

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