Development Idea

  • Hey everyone! I am currently hooked on and ECO and loving it. So, I figured I'd add what I think would be nice to implement or fix in game.

    First, the ability to scrap or destroy items. DEEDS (FOR CARTS) stack up like crazy. I don't even use the deed to be honest, so yeah, I'd like a scrap option.

    Secondly, The agriculture/farming system. I've mentioned it a couple of times, but I really want that up and running ASAP. Farming is a key element when it comes to survival and I believe that it should be working in game ASAP.

    I will add to this list as more ideas cross my mind.

  • Howdy! there are plans to change the deeds .. its an early version of it and will be iterated on. An iteration for farming is currently in work so that should come soon back a bit different.

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