• So have you try on Windows with the same graphics card ? Is it working ?

  • yep.. my surface tablet has an inte 5000 hd .. works fine there .. just some lag =P . so it seems to be a driver issue ?

  • Ok, tomorrow I'll try with Windows install on Bootcamp (Yes tomorrow because I'm French and it's 1am for me ^_^). Thanks for the test by the way.

  • It's working with bootcamp and an installation of Windows. So I think it's a driver issue for os X and Linux...

  • Well... lets slap intel for making bad linux and mac drivers ( maybe intel is like me a microsoft fanboy ? ... =P )

  • Do you think it will be fix for the next release? Or it's too complicated to fix for the next version?

  • i doubt its in the next release .. this will take some investigation since its confirmed to be a driver issue it seems

  • ok, interesting.
    As it works on windows, I have tried to run the windows version of eco in wine.
    It works better than the linux version.
    The terrain rendering and most of the texture are ok(not perfect) and it is playable.
    The only visible bug is the bush that are pink and not well localized.

    A little screen shot:

    I don't know if there is a similar soft on mac os but it could be a playable workaround before this bug was fixed.
    And i really dont know what to say about the bug: wine use the same driver as linux as far as i know. Maybe a unity problem finally.

  • O.o
    might be a combination of many thinks .. though . its one of unity's selling point that games build in there engine should work with mac and linux.. i guess since windows is using Directx and mac os and linux only can use OpenGl .. that the issue is in open gl .. bugs with wine is nothing really that can be done something with i think

  • @NoBlackThunder It seems more likely to me that it's an issue with Unity shaders that aren't fully OpenGL (GLSL) compatible. The platforms that are failing are using OpenGL, whereas Windows builds (even on the same hardware, as others have found) use DirectX by default.

    To further diagnose this problem, it may help to make an OpenGL-only build and test that on Windows (Google it; there's some executable flags that'll do it). Though the Intel GPUs may be part of the problem (fewer GL extensions?), so you might need to buy/borrow hardware.

    Also, unless I'm mistaken, the BRDF shaders you've added recently are all working across all hardware/platforms. It's possible that Unity Tech encountered these issues and decided to only fix them for the newest shaders (countless similar decisions to take the half-assed course of action have come out of UT before). If this is the case, and if you were already planning to update all the materials to BRDF, then that's that.

  • @capnslipp that is correct .. i am currently affraid that the issue is because os does not support directx and opengl implementation might not hold , so you get the errors .. that's why i told john that this is one of the highest priority task to figure out .. =)

  • @NoBlackThunder Honestly, it might make the most sense just to write all your custom shaders specifically in GLSL. You're making a cross-platform game— so use the defacto standard cross platform graphics library.

    DirectX is Microsoft's proprietory graphics library. The case could be made for using it if you were using volumetric effects or compute shaders or other modern AAA-quality effects, and if you were fine with giving a distinctly poorer experience to OS X and Linux users. I believe the goals of your game or ecosystem simulation and a relatively short timeline with a small team over flashy photo-realistic effects, so making any part of the game work better on DirectX makes about as much sense as starting work on a Metal version of every shader for OS X and PSSL for PS4.

    Summary: Get it working first & foremost. Us OS X & Linux users are backers too, and so far we've received perceptively nothing.

  • <---- not a game developer =P i am actually a backer like everyone else her =)

  • @NoBlackThunder My bad. My comments were meant to be directed at Strange Loop.

  • yea i noticed =) . its on there list and they will look at it, i am sure john will see how to resolve this since he wants this game also to be used in schools, meaning they want to support as high as possible hardware and software range as possible (i guess that's the same reason for using unity) it is on there critical list so don't worry =) . personally i think . an intel hd 4000 isnt a gpu to play games with in the first place, but thats my opinion .. so far from what i see they will try to solve this issue the best way they can

  • My specs:

    MBP 2011:
    2.4GHz i7
    4GB RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024MB

    MBA 2011:
    1.7 GHz i5
    4GB RAM
    (HD 3000?)

    Same problem on both Macs, all black textures. Objects like grass and animals are visible. Running very slow on MBA.

    Let me know if I can help do any tests!

    I also have access to MBA 2012, MBA 2013 and Mac Pro 2008 (with nVidia 285GTX)

  • @NorDemoniac I'm curious if the problem shows up on the Mac Pro with the Nvidia card.

    I should be able to try it on a Mac Pro 2009 w/ Nvidia GeForce GT 120.

  • @capnslipp
    Could be different. Atm. I don't have the Pro 2008 available, but I can test with both a 8800 GT and 285 GTX if devs are interested.

    I guess I'll boot up my i3-530 + 480GTX Windows "Steambox" to play Eco. Hopefully that will be enough power to handle Eco.

  • It works fine now with the new alpha (alpha 2) on my macbook air :
    OS: OS X El Capitan 10.11
    Processor: 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5
    Memory: 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB

  • This is some bizarre unity shader build issue - I believe it should be fixed as of alpha 2.

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