harvesting huckleberries

  • i am having some trouble harvesting huckleberries. do i need a tool to harvest or just a empty hand.
    I have tried empty hand, axe, shovel (destroys plant), pick, sickle. nothing is working to harvest.

  • You harvest huckleberries with either empty hand or a tool.
    Berries must be visible on those bushes though.
    Bushes must be targeted properly, You gonna see bolded border line.
    They may not be visible at first so You may want to wait a little bit to show up.

    Personally I have huckleberry bush area and I run all over it by clicking 'use' on every bush. I do not need to wait this time. ecomill4bush1.jpg

    Same area but a little bit closer to the tree (low quality graphic used)

    gathered 1 seed and 8 huckleberries (+3 skill)

  • i tested it and it seems to be fine .. so if you have still that issue you might need to come a bit with more info .. a video always helps in worst case

  • Thanks I worked it out but i think that particular bush was bugged, it had fruit on it as in the image but the leaves were brown.
    What i didn't know was that was the last huckleberry bush in the map, The server stats now say Huckleberry:0 (zero)
    and i didn't get any seeds. :(
    but the same thing happened with ferns and the Elk. zero Pop. in stats.

  • Brown colour on plant means it withered...

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