Server - How to remove players from the land they have claimed - Harassement

  • Hello Everyone,

    I bought the game along with a server (HullaBulla#1), and I must say I really enjoy the game.

    Unfortunately, some of my players on my server is getting harassed by players logging and claiming land around there land, so they can’t expand.
    And then they log off again, keeping the deed.
    Is there is any admin command to remove the claimed land, or will this automatically happen when they are banned from the server?

    Kind Regards

  • Howdy Profetzo ! .. right now only the original owner can unclaim land .. but i see this in the past few days seem to be more and more common. i created an issue for this for you

  • Hola NoBlackThunder,

    Thanks for the quick reply! <3

    It sounds nice, i'm looking forward to see what the solution or working around will be :)

  • has there been way for admins to do this let,

    cuz this is still issue in game.

    it may not happen often but it does happen. i did put a support ticket up for it but was closed out cuz i guess its not consider big deal.

    there also issue that land markers can be used to gain more land then what for example 10 land markers can claim more then 10 tiles by doing method showen in picture - but this user decide to use his markers to keep new chars that just joined game from having access to there trees so then the new players unclaimed there land and used there 10 markers to claim land right next to other people blocking them and it just turned into a big troll fest on the server.

    i am admin couldnt do anything about it so i just banned every one and wiped the server.

    but there is in game trolling going on.20180207161245_1.jpg

  • There was and perhaps is still a command for admins to deal with this kind of trolling. The way to deal with this is to stand on each claim and type /unclaim

  • It's time consuming but atm the only way to deal with it. It would be nice to have an unclaim all from certain player though

  • i saw on the github its already been put forward but seems like its on the back burner atm