Tyto Ecology

  • I discovered this game because someone on Discord was playing it.

    It was only $3.50 on Steam sale, so I picked it up (looks like the sale is over, sorry!)

    I've spent just over an hour with it, and it's a really relaxing simulation. You place down populations of plants, herbivores and carnivores, and there are also pollinators to help with plant growth, and decomposers to manage detritus.

    It's basically a game of balance, where the goal is to get your ecosystem stable (when you log off, you can choose to have a certain amount of time pass between sessions to see how you did).

    Here's my early rainforest ecosystem:


    There's not much plant diversity, because I haven't unlocked most of the plants yet. That's one thing I don't like about the game: It takes a while to unlock different plants and animals.

    Still, the simulation is really cool! Predators will chase down prey and kill them. Herbivores will walk up to plants and chip away at their "HP". I bet ECO could learn something from this game.

    Then the developers are working on a Tyto MMO, which looks similar to ECO in some ways.

  • oh cool, will check this out

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